Monday, October 10, 2011

Help-I need your expertise....

The Florida house has had a flood.  We left September 2nd and for a whole month there was a leak from the upstairs laundry. Luckily friends of ours came down and discovered the flood or it may have gone on for another month. The upstairs hall floor needs replacing and a 4 foot square piece of ceiling below, but some of the floors on the ground floor got wet and have since dried.  These floors are Engineered hardwood, so pretty rugged.  They are not damaged except for these white marks left where the water had dried.  Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to remove these marks.  They look like the rings you get when you put a wet glass on a waxed table or a hot dish on the dining table.  I would appreciate any ideas.


  1. Oh no! Good thing they detected it. I have heard several times that mayonnaise takes the white ring off wood table tops, but have never tried it. Maybe you could test it on a small area. Hoping something works for you.

  2. I might try some vinegar. I cannot believe it would hurt and it might help. The white I believe is caused from the dried minerals in the water. Vinegar works on removing these same minerals from metal why not manufactured wood?

    I'm sure you googled. what did it say?

  3. Hi Chania!

    I hear Mayo is the answer to white marks from water on wood. I have a friend this happened to, and she said this worked perfectly!

    Here is a link I found on the web that explains it better...


  4. Someone told me toothpaste!
    I'd ask Tom...he seems to know about this stuff.
    Good luck.

  5. Well that mayo sounds as though it is worth a go. I was thinking you'd have to sand the floors back and restain them.
    Good luck - thank goodness the flood was detected.

  6. I can only think that if mayo works, it must be a combination of the acid cutting away the stained varnish, and the egg yolk sealing it again, like egg tempera. This suggests to me (but I'm not a floor-finisher) that a light sanding and re-sealing with the same varnish (probably polyurathane, it's very hard-wearing) will do the job.

  7. You have to mix the mayo with cigarette ash. I know this sounds crazy but it works for me every time.

    Then rub, rub, rub, and just as you get bored the stains begin to disappear.

    Now all you need is a cigarette.

    xo jane

  8. Re-sand, stain and change the look completely. I know, that's not what you wanted to hear but now you can make the floors "yours".

  9. Bummer about the flood, but good thing it was discovered sooner rather than later.

    Reading through the comments, looks like all the methods I've heard about to remove the white marks have been covered. Although I'd kind of lean towards what Mark said and look at this as an opportunity to re-stain the floors - you know what they say, everything happens for a reason :-)

    Good luck with whichever option you choose, and let us know how it works.

  10. I heard that toothpaste works well - just abrasive enough without too much scratching.

  11. Oh Chania - I am sorry this happened. Thank goodness someone checked in a caught it. Restore a Finish works well on water marks with furniture, maybe it would help with the floors. Anything is worth a try before redoing the finish totally. Ann

  12. Get in touch with a Shaklee distributor and ask them if Basic H would work. It's a very good natural product

  13. OH NO!! Sorry no helpful tips here but thank goodness it was caught before the damage got out of hand.


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