Monday, September 3, 2012

Blue Moon Wedding

Our friends daughter was married this weekend and we were lucky enough to snag an invite to this lovely event, set at an old manor on the shores of Lake Ontario. The family were a mix of Scottish and Irish, so you can imagine how festive it was.....and how long it went on.....carrying on really for 2 days, well into the wee hours of the morning. It also meant Kilts.....lots of men in kilts. They were lucky enough to have their wedding day fall on the evening of a Blue Moon, and they danced their first dance outside with the moonlight beaming over them and the lake. Some of my favorite things included the simple wedding cake made by a friend, the peach jam wedding favors and the mason jars wrapped in lace with candles inside.

It's back to school for the children tomorrow, even though I have NO school aged children, I still feel antsy. I hated school myself, (I was teased a lot) and especially loved the days that my children were't in it. Lazy summer holidays with late nights and sleeping in, free of school related stresses and schedules. I can't even stand seeing the papers and pencils featured in the shops...SO glad those days are done. For all of you with young ones, I wish them an easy transition back to school and a successful school year. 


  1. Beautiful! Just beautiful. I love the chairs at that place. Very different. But I also love the cake and the preserves. What a great idea!

  2. Lindo casamento. Parabéns pelo casamento da filha. Que festa linda. Amei o bolo.
    Have a lovely week.
    Minha vida de campo.

  3. we must be sisters. oh i hate back to school anything!
    i remember trying to pry my toughened barefoot summer feet back into oxfords every september. ugh.

    the wedding looked amazing. i love the jam idea as gifts. so charming.

  4. Such a sweet wedding and so hands on.

    OMG can we admit we hated school?

    Boo on The Pines in Chatham, Ont who kicked me out many moons ago.

    xo Jane

  5. Looks so beautiful - love the laced candle holders and the homemade jam is such a unique great idea!!!
    And I guess I was weird because I always love the first day of school - new clothes and shoes and pencils and paper LOL - :)

  6. I love how people are getting back to more simple, yet equally elegant weddings. They just seem more personal to me when you see a bit of the bride and groom showing through instead of something a party or wedding planner created. Even from the back you can tell her dress was stunning, and the cake is beautiful.

    I am so glad my children are done with everything but uni at this point...I always loved having them home all summer and for holidays too. I think I was more excited than they were on snow days!


  7. Wonderful personal touches at every glad that you took your camera, so you could bring us along to the wedding. The peach jam as a party favor is such a great idea...gonna tuck that one in the back of my head. Have to admit that I always loved school, but I also loved when it was all over, and each new year actually started in January instead of
    September. And if I had lived in the Appalachian Mountains, mine would have been the kids that the truant officers were always chasing...I NEVER wanted the vacation time to end! Cherry Kay

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  9. A crystal like setting, glimpse of the bride and groom, peach favors, dancing under blue moon skies, laced mason jars and candles and you sharing it all . . . perfect . . . thank you . . .

  10. Oh I do love a man in a kilt.
    It looks like it was a perfect wedding .

  11. Hi Chania

    The setting for the wedding could not be better. I love the unique candles and gifts. How special and to have it co-inside with a blue moon.
    I love the smell of new school books


  12. such a lovely looking wedding and her DRESS! and on a "blue moon" too.
    although my kids are way grown up, i still get the fall tummy ache just thinking about going back to school.

  13. I too love those "Spread the Jam" favors and the Lace covered candle jars...beyond lovely.

  14. Chania it looks like it was a GORGEOUS wedding & what a clever way to include 'something blue'....**wink**....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  15. Lovely indeed, thanks for sharing your evening with is!

  16. Sounds like the perfect wedding! I love the cake and the idea of the jars of jam - it's those simple touches that make it so special. The only thing I ever enjoyed about going back to school was my first day back outfit. Other than that, I hated the idea of summer being over. Luckily in Dubai we don't get all of those back to school commercials on TV.

  17. That photo of the bride and groom is stunning. And, the back of her dress... swoon. I love how the lace on the jam looked like her dress. Looks like the perfect wedding!

  18. What a lovely wedding. All the simple details and the kilts (!) make it so special. Takes me back almost a year in my life.

    I thought I was the only mom who disliked the start of school! As a student, I loved it and my kids seemed to love it too. I wonder how my mother felt about it.


  19. I was lucky enough to love school even though, like you, I was teased a lot. I loved it so much I stayed in until I was 30!

    My kids have always enjoyed the back to school chaos, although I could work up a case of PTSD thinking about the shopping costs when we had six of them in school!

    This years discussion of teacher attire with Babygirl is still making me laugh!



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