Friday, September 14, 2012

I think I buy Arizona Iced Tea strictly for the bottles.
Whoever designed this package did an excellent job.

Market basket from the St. Pete Saturday Morning Market.
Pass A Grille open air market
The beach directly in front of the market was taken away in the last hurricane. Left and right it's still there, but in front, it vanished.

We had to end the week with a beach day, after being pretty tied to the house all week. We met with landscapers, inspectors, the pool designer and a slew of other people. We also picked the pool finishes. Prior to going to that appointment, I vowed not to make one single upgrade. I surprised myself by sticking to my guns and despite the lack of choices, I selected the coping and tiles, the finishes etc and finalized the layout of the deck and pathways. I am both excited and nervous as most of the work will be done while absent. I don't like relinquishing control over a project. I've requested photos at every stage and we will also direct the security camera to the work area so I can spy on the developments from home....

Tomorrow, sadly the jungle will be mostly removed. We can't save much due to the heat and construction, but I do plan to recreate it as best as is possible, outside of, and around the pool area. I will take before and afters tomorrow for sure.

The ocean was very calm today. Resting from Hurricane Issac that was kind to the area, but still altered the beach. One part have disappeared and other sandy areas are now mostly a coarse shell beach. It's always but never the same.


  1. Looks so inviting . . . love the market basket . . . Looking forward to your before and after pics of the pool area.

  2. Me too - I can't bring myself to open myArizona Iced Tea - they look so lovely on the shelf - they will stay there until summer!

  3. I am intrigued with those bottles .. I've seen them, but never purchased - until today when I shop! I can just visualize them on my deck .. my big umbrella is almost the same aqua color! Looking forward to photos from the project!!!

  4. Gosh! I can see where the front part of the beach has disappeared. That hurricane must have been so scary

  5. Arizona Ice Tea is prettily packaged. Having construction done while you are not present is kind of scary. Joe is rebuilding some steps here at our yellow house and the shoddy construction of the old steps is just awful. I have that same market with the leather handle. Have a lovely Sunday Chania.


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