Friday, September 21, 2012

Vintage Cow Sweater

My Handknit cow sweater...complete with pink udder

And a sassy pink tongue.

A Three year project.

The Gap version....available 2012 at the Gap
About 27 years ago, while preggars with Boy Child, I had a notion to knit him a sweater with a cow on it. Being a lover of black and white cows, I decided it had to be a good old fashioned milking cow. I found a pattern and after about 2 years (if I remember correctly), and many, many hours of frustration the Cow Knit was done. It was a very tricky knit...carrying the various colours behind the knit to make the cow. Once my children were grown, it went to a family member in New York, where the mom was literally stopped a few times in the street to see if she would sell it or knit one for them. She didn't hand it over, but it was lost in the shuffle of a divorce for a bit. Through a bit of good luck the sweater was returned to me. Just in time for the Raz Grand Baby to wear it.

Now you can just go to the Gap and buy one...I saw them there the other day. No need to buy one from a kid off the street or get your divorce lawyer involved.


  1. But the Gap version doesn't even compare! Not to mention all the love that went into it. So cute! :)

  2. The Gap version is like everything else "too commercial". Nothing like a personal touch...sad thing is they make anything that is enjoyable to people such as knitting so expensive for the average person any more.

  3. I love your one much more than the Gap version. Lovely! x

  4. The Gap couldn't, in a million years, touch this!

    I bet you were so excited to get it back!


  5. Raz Grand Bay is going to look a Bobby Sizzler in that - it's lovely.

  6. Oh dear , I meant to type'Baby'

  7. You never cease to amaze me with your abilities and talents! Adorable..

  8. Gap sweater would not to compare to your honest and truly personal hand knit! Love, love, love this . . . perfect for Raz grand babe to be . . .

  9. Buying one at the Gap is all well and good but doesn't carry any sentimental value or direct pride of workmanship.
    I love the cow sweater! (I think I made a couple of those types of sweaters in my younger years too). And I've saved a few choice ones along with a couple of other clothing items for if and when my kids have kids.

  10. What can't you do?

    Love it.

    xo jane

  11. Yours is so much nicer than the Gap version :)

  12. Well, I can certainly see why people were stopping your relative on the street. I'm with all the others, yours is so much better! Just too darn cute! You did a great job on that sweater. After the child out grew it, I think I would hang it as a room decoration.

  13. Hello Chania

    No Gap bought sweater could come close to your hand knit cow sweater. Your love is entwined in each stitch and you grandchild will feel your loving heart with each wear.


  14. Oh yours is so much better! And it has held up beautifully over the years. So glad it made it's way back to you and soon to grandbaby! I love that cow! Ann


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