Friday, September 28, 2012

The Week End

Pool progress in 1 week.

I rather like how the jade plant and her eyes match

A Lindt chocolate shop opened up near my house....what better way to decorate than with chocolate!

I like planting Echinacea as first they feed the butterflies, then the birds as they go to seed.


Time to put away the lanterns.

The sun lit up my Banana Palm..heading inside for the Winter shortly.

It's finally the end of the week. Happily Frenchie is feeling better and has forgiven me for his day at the vet and operation.

I have always dreamed of having a pool. I am so excited to see it finished and spend time with my family in Florida enjoying the pool and garden. I see many happy days there with the kids and new Grandbaby.
We have a web cam overlooking the yard and can snap pictures of the construction. From leveling the yard to the hole dug and rebar in one week is crazy fast.  Fill date is expected around November 13th.

Today is Boy Child and DIL's first anniversary. Hard to believe that one year ago we were all in the Bahamas on the beach.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Great pool progress . . . happy times you and family will surely have in the days to come. Loved your jade with "green eyes . . . "

  2. Hi Chania, your kitty is beautiful. I can see how excited you are about the pool. Hug the fur babies for me. xo, olive

  3. Time flies when you are .... having fun ... just married :)
    I am amazed at how fast that much pool work has happened !
    No time at all, you will be lolling by your very own pool. besitos from a very cold BA

  4. A year goes by quickly. I had forgotten that their wedding was so close behind my son and DIL's. The pool progress is amazing and what fun you will have once it is done. In Florida it is nice to have a pool as you can usually use it year-round. Glad Frenchie is feeling better and kitty has beautiful eyes! Ann

  5. Thanks for sharing all your lovely photo shots, even those of the new pool being installed for all those fantastic family memories which will be made there.

  6. I'm sure your whole family will love spending time next summer around your new pool.

  7. What fun to have a webcam so you can watch the progress.

    I'm glad Frenchie is progressing - too funny that you got the cold shoulder when you picked him up from the vets. Dogs are like little kids.

  8. That is crazy that it has been a year. I remember the Bahama's posts. Glad the pup is better. I love the imposter photo! Cracked me up.

  9. The pool will be such a delight to your family next summer. I am glad your pool dreams are coming true and glad that your pup is doing better today. Your green-eyed kitty is so very pretty. Despite the coming of colder weather, your garden still looks great!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  10. Beautiful pics as always! But I looked at the pretty yellow flower and thought, "My basil doesn't bloom like that...." Er, duh.


  11. Happy Anniversary to your son and daughter in law. I'm so excited that your pool is moving along so quickly, we hope to put one in one day too. There's nothing quite like floating in your own pool on a moonlit night. Glad that sweet pup of yours is recovering too!


  12. A Lindy shop nearby? Oooh dangerous! I have just been catching up on your news and am glad to hear your boy is doing well after his surgery. He is so lucky to have you as his new mother :)


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