Wednesday, September 19, 2012


My lovely new (old )brass candlesticks.
I like the red of the Coke next to the blackboard wall.
Embellished elephant....pom poms, beads, mirrors and bells.
Nespresso coffee pods...I warn you it's addicting
Camel door knob adornment
Jars of seashells from past vacations..Cottonelle
Brass bells on beaded strings hanging from the doorknobs...I can't resist.

Totally missing Florida this week. We arrived home to cool weather (18 C) and some rain. I was most excited to be home to see the animals however, who were very well taken care of by my niece and neighbor. Frenchie has a large lump on his bum. It was there when I adopted him, but is troubling me a bit, so we are off to the vet today. He's terrified of both the vet and the car after he was manhandled a little after a small procedure at another vet. Today I am walking him to a new vet and have made a pre-visit to ask them not to force him up on the stainless table or on the weigh scales today. He had a big panic attack last time, so I want to ease him into this new vet and I am hoping he doesn't have to have any more procedures, poor bubbie. 

If any of you in the USA are looking for cheap airlines, check out Allegiant Air. They fly in and out of small airports around the country. We flew return to Florida from Niagara Falls, NY for $140.00 each, taxes and carry on luggage included. On time and quite comfortable.

I do like my Bits, and display my vacation shells in jars in the bathroom. I also have thing for the little bottles of Coke you can find in the US. It seems to taste better than from a can don't you think? If any of you are looking to buy a single serving coffee pod machine, I highly recommend the Nespresso....the coffee is just like espresso from a good cafe....I make sure I order it online so we don't run out in Florida. I made a fabulous purchase while down there at a second hand store. I bought these huge, heavy, brass candlesticks for $10.00 for the pair. They look like they are from India. They go well with my little Indian camels and elephants that I find in a local shop downtown. They are beautifully made and covered in trim and pompoms and mirrors and bells. I have several now and hang them on the door knobs along with beaded strings of brass bells, much to the Raz Man's chagrin.


  1. We`ll be in Florida for the month of December; can`t wait!

    It`s 6C this morning in Oakville .... brrrrrr!


  2. Poor Bubbie. That is what I call my cat William...too cute.

  3. It's awful when they don't get on with the vet. That vet should have known better. I have heard of some mean ones. We are so fortunate to have a very understanding vet. Our Max has a big lump under his chest. We were told that it fat deposit. Not to worry. I hope all goes well today. Linda

  4. I was sorry to see Allegiant leave our Redmond airport ... very sorry. I love the way you bring magic to everything you touch!!

  5. Pup was covered in bumps, large and small. They were cysts, fatty cysts. .. probably like Linda's Max has.

    Good luck with the vet, I like that you are doing this, able to do this. Some vets are just there for the money, they show no care for the animals. Thankfully, they are few and far between.
    Our vet started coming to our house, before her office hours in the afternoons or after work.
    She came here when Pup was too weak and pitiful to walk 3 blocks to her office. She sat beside me and cried with us when he died.
    So there are wonderful vets out there, you just have to find one.
    Let us know how your Bubbie is as soon as you can.

    love from a very windy and cold BA.

  6. Your collections are great. Who would have thought coffee pods could look so pretty. Hope Frenchie feels better soon.

  7. I liked your Snippets . . . even the Cottonelle . . .

  8. I like the cottonelle the best! Allegiant airlines, I've heard about them. I know they fly into Sanford, near Orlando - into St. Pete Airport or Clearwater, for you? I'm going to see if they venture towards the west coast. I'm in need of a quick, cheap flight back to FL in Oct for some unfinished business (perhaps). Hope your big boy does okay at the vet. I remember our vet used to not even put our lab on the table because it scared him so. All was done on the ground with the vet sitting on the floor. Special man. Love all your shots of all your goodies, and I'm of a mind to hang a few things from doorknobs around here :)!

  9. aw, poor pup! We had issues with a vet and a groomer with our fur ball and it was tough - it truly tramatized her for life. Hope he gets through it ok. Love all your bits - and that you styled with Coke and Cottonelle :)

  10. Poop pup. Hope all is well with him today. I am still crushing on that chalk wall. When I was a kid in S.C. we drank Coke in little bottles and put salted peanuts in the bottles and it was wonderful. Until now I had not thought of that in years and years.

  11. You were most excited to see the animals! :( you mean me


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