Thursday, March 28, 2013

Clay Tag Tutorial

Custom name tags

The Easter Bunny doesn't get any cuter

Custom for a salon called Evolve....

Festive tags

My days work.....
I love to craft, and clay tags are one of my favorite things to make. I made 100 for my son's wedding. We tied them onto pots of homemade jam for wedding favors. They make a great craft project for older children too. There are a few tutorials on the internet. Some you pay for like this one HERE and some are free HERE. If you want to buy tags there are many on Etsy. You can hang them on wine bottles and gifts and also hang as decorations. See below for photos of my tags on gifts over the years.

Today I made some Easter Bunny ones, some for a hair salon called Evolve, as they are having a special event, and some for Baby Emma to give her aunts and grandmother(s). For Emma's, I hung ribbons and pompoms from the bottom as well  because I was feeling very FESTIVE today. 

You need. 1 tub of Crayola white modelling clay (kids clay) About $9.00. A rolling pin. cookie cutter, Rubber stamp and ink, parchment paper, a skewer to make the hole and doiley, fabric or anything that can leave an imprint.

  • roll the clay out onto parchment paper about 1/3- 1/2 cm thick...any thinner and they wil crack and be very difficult to handle
  • cut your shape with cookie cutter
  • stamp your design, or press whatever you wish to imprint into the clay gently
  • poke a hole for the string or ribbon in the top
  • leave to dry overnight on cookie sheet
  • you can put them on a cookie sheet in a 200 F oven for a couple of hours to speed things along.
  • tie on a pretty ribbon
THAT's IT...Easy and fun. HAPPY EASTER.

Wedding jam

100 heart tags for the wedding.

Bridal shower tags.

Hand dipped marshmallow treats.
Cookbook wrapped in a tea towel for birthday gift

A Celtic cross for my Irish friend's birthday

A pack of handmade cards embellished with a clay tag favourite
Wine tags

For your love......

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


My flowers are looking a bit rumpled.

Bits by my bed

I wanted to thank everyone for the lovely best wishes on the birth of our Grand daughter Emma. It's very touching to receive so many heartfelt congratulations from the people that read my blog. Over the years it does seem that we all get to "know" each other, and share the ups and downs and daily grind with each other. I really do appreciate the friendship. Working for myself and primarily by myself, can be lonely at times. Although when shopping for clients I have come to know the Decorating Center staff, the upholsterer and drapery work room etc, most of my day is spent alone. Calculation quotes, sourcing stuff, paperwork and of course the online shop. I have no co-workers to socialize with and chat with at lunch because I work at home. So, I take breaks and when I do, I visit my favorite blogs. Over the years, the people i have met and chatted with have become friends. They email if I am missing for a while, they confide things, they share and give advice. I've cried with some of their news and been elated at others and had good belly laughs with several. I couldn't live without my blog friends. They are my coffee break pals.Thank you for that.

I'm am having my website redesigned. I am being asked by the designer my preference for fonts, graphics, layout and overall feel. One designer that I interviewed got the impression that I was very Art Deco and 1940's which surprised me. Not the look I want at all. When I had to finally put on paper the overall feel of my new site as a reflection of me, I told her I was part Shabby Chic, part vintage, ethnic,bohemian, with a bit of a colorful rumpled feel. We shall see how she interprets that.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First Gifts.

I'm think I'm going to be indulgent and post a lot of baby related posts in the future. Please forgive me! BABY now has a name. Emma. As much as I would love to post photos, the parents aren't so keen on photos on a public forum, so I am not going to post any yet without approval. She does have a shock of black hair which comes from the Raz Man's family and, I can assure you, she is a cute as can be. I won't see her in person until Thursday, but I have been putting a few things together for her. Instead of cut flowers, I sent the new parents a basket of potted pink and white tulips and hyacinth. Once the bulbs are finished they can plant them in the garden and each March a cluster of bulbs will pop up to celebrate Emma's birthday each year.

I have collected vintage baby cups for years and selected one for baby from my collection. The vintage ones are usually very inexpensive and I think much prettier than some new ones. Plus it's a reflection of me-her Nani-to give her a treasure from a dusty market and not Tiffany. This is a very feminine one, made by Rogers and has a lovely band around the middle and a barley twist handle.  I added a wee fork and spoon and tucked them into a little Peter Rabbit bag that I made. And of course a pink bow. You can't go overboard on pink bows!

Sunday, March 24, 2013


We are celebrating tonight with Grand Granny, Great Aunty Bee, Auntie Ky, and us...Nani and Babu (pronounced Na-Nee, (she will be bilingual French/English), and Ba-Boo). The Raz Grand Baby has arrived (on her great grandmother's birthday), at dawn this morning. She is un-named as of yet, but parents and baby are doing really well. I didn't sleep a wink last night waiting for the news and sat here in the dark this morning with tears rolling down my face as the first photos of her came over the phone. We even had a little Skype face to face. She's beautiful and we are all blessed. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

New stock of jewelery

I have new stock of Sno of Sweden Jewelry this week. I must say, I have a lot of fun photographing the new pieces and trying it all on. So far, I've been very good, only keeping one bracelet for myself. If you are interested in seeing some of the Sno line, you can go HERE. I am offering Free Shipping in Canada and the USA.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Craft

No, the baby isn't here yet. It's OVERDUE. LATE.....come on baby..... I am getting more excited by the day waiting. The baby scale is something I dug our from my Vintage Shop days. It's still very accurate and I am using it to weigh my cat. HannahKat has gone from 9.5 lbs to 7.2 lbs and despite a clean bill of health form the vet, she has warned me that any more weight loss will mean further testing which really means a TON of money. Just like everyone else these days, I taken her off carbs. She's on a grain free dry food and supplemented with fresh ground turkey which I fry up and which makes me gag. Does anyone else have an old cat that needs special food? Canned food does not agree with her. If you have any suggestions I would most appreciate them.

If you are looking for a little Easter craft for a child or bags for Easter chocolate eggs, these are really simple to make. I bought plain white bags from Michael's and stamped them with a bunny stamp. A pom pom tail and a glittered ear finish it off. I also changed the string closure to a pink or blue ribbon. (tie one end of the string to a new piece of ribbon and pull the other end until the ribbon is all the way through the bag, then remove the string). Ready to fill with chocolate eggs or your gold coins. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Form vs. Function

Always a pile of reading material. An old stump works well as a table.

   In our neighborhood there are several houses that the same style as mine. The master bedroom had a powder room and a walk in closet. Some people have removed half the closet and expanded the bathroom, others have bumped the bathroom out into the bedroom a little to make room for a shower. My neighbors recently toured all the variations on the street and liked mine the best. And then they hired me to make it happen at their house. I must ask if I can take photos of theirs to show you. They opted for one large shower stall instead of the bath. 

I decided to remove the closet altogether and use the entire space as one large bathroom. Where there were once 2 doors, I closed them off and made a door in the center of the room. New closets were added to either side of the new bathroom pocket door. The was perfectly centered on the far wall making the site line very symmetrical, further balanced by the 2 wall fixtures. The tub with a Cararra marble subway tile surround has a shower curtain hoop hung from the ceiling. It's a great room for a bath, but I must admit the shower is very impractical. The curtains cling to your wet legs and you have to sneak your arms out of the curtain to get the shampoo on the ledge. 

Sometimes form wins over function.