Sunday, September 21, 2014

Florida Sunroom

Encaustic cement tile floor, made in Mexico. Movarian star light fixtures, second hand Moroccan rugs. The doors at the far end were purchased long before construction started and the room was designed to fit them. They came from India and are apparently over 100 years old.

Three years ago, we bought a vacation home in Florida. We are hoping to one day spend the winters here, but for now we try to go every couple of months when work schedules permit. As Canadians, we are allowed to spend 6 months a year in the USA, so the long term plan is winter in Florida and summer in Canada. Which means we want the Florida house to be well suited to hosting our family who also want to escape the Winters.

The house had a screened porch with a leaky tin roof, no access to outside, and was basically unusable, except for bicycle and junk storage. Because the house has just 2 bedrooms, when both kids, DIL and baby visit, someone has to sleep on the sofa. My intent was to build a sunroom and bathroom that could double as a spare bedroom when we had guests. The room is long and narrow. 2 Palette beds flank the one wall, providing comfy sleeping for 2 guests, as well as a long, loungey area for reading and for napping. One end has a large old desk, and the far end houses the bathroom.

Here the beds are dressed in Kantha type quilts made in India. Patio doors lead out to deck and pool. Goose neck sconces provide extra light. The fireplace came from a house in New Orleans. I had it tiled in cream handmade Mexican tile. Tile from Mexico sometimes has a paw print in it. Laid out in the run to dry, dogs and chickens sometimes leave a print in the wet clay. One of these pieces had a paw print. I told the tiler to make sure he used it in the middle. He misunderstood and cut out the print and used the tile on the corner :(.  Peacock Mirror weighs a ton..The Raz Man was not happy hanging that..

So now we have a "guest room/sun room". Perfect timing because another Grand Baby is on the way!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

New Painting

I've been painting on large canvas...much more suited to my large, sloppy strokes.