Friday, December 12, 2014


My first sold painting
Blogging has been on the back burner lately, although I still read all my favorites each day. We had Thanksgiving in Florida and walked in our neighborhoods local Thanksgiving day parade. What fun that was. Followed by dinner for 22 at a neighbors, it was a wonderful day with our American friends. Home to snow and cold winds, but Girl Child is living at home for 3 weeks before her move West, and with Girl Child come Henry Francis....a sweet bundle of cuteness and bulldog oddness to brighten our days. 

Sadly, our half blind, deaf, boy Balto got attacked by a German Shepherd Monday night. He was pretty badly beaten up, puncture wounds in his neck and severe neck bruising, but he survived. He's extremely sore and we have him doped up a bit for pain relief. Henry Francis has been sweetly concerned about him.

I've joined a painting group. 5 of us amateur artists meet once each week to paint, chat and eat biscuits. My "painted Ladies" suggested I post my paintings and put a price on them, so I did, and I sold the one in the top photo. I had lots of people ask and I've never been able to tell them a price because of self doubt, shyness and just not knowing their value. So that was pleasing to me.

I've been helping Girl Child sell off and get rid of some stuff. Clothes were sorted and sent to consignment where they bought the lot. Instagram postings of other bits to flog was a huge success, including this stool below which she could have sold 10 times...maybe Henry Francis posing on it made it more desirable.

Our dear Henry Francis. Modelling on a step stool we sold.

Another painting....getting braver showing my work