Monday, April 22, 2013

Mexican Tiled Windows.

Mexican Tile added to inside of windows.

Guests use the blackboard wall to record good meals out.

I split a trim piece to add a border to main tile

yes, it's wonky!

Counters changed to Carrera Marble....a good way to age your house quickly

Old science class stools.

I've had a little hiatus from blogging for the past few weeks. We've been away in Florida and I used that time to put my kitchen and house back together after the big leak. Now were are back home, I thought I would post some photos of our Florida kitchen now that the water damage and mold has been remedied. I only made subtle changes since the cabinets were rebuilt and the faces re-used. The counters were changed to Carrera after the granite got broken. The jury is still out on that one. Lots of etching despite being sealed and the good part is, I wanted it to more authentic to the age of the house and I should accomplish that in about 3 weeks. 

The most noticeable change is the window tile.I decided to tile the inside of the windows because they are 5" deep and I wanted to add some Spanish touches to the house. The downstairs of this house has been all re-done and no original features remain. So I added some that are authentic to me. I bought authentic handmade Mexican tile that is literally set out in the sun to dry (the dog prints will prove that) and that means it is pretty wonky.....Tile Guy was patient and very accommodating and he dis a very nice job, given the wonkiness. We split a trim piece in half to edge the hand painted main tiles and we left the window sill in marble. TO me, it looks like it could have been original to the house and because we don't need a blind there, the whole window shows nicely. 

We extended the counter on the island by 11" to made room for bar stools. These we bought at Paper Street Market on Central Ave in St. Petersburg. They are old science stools. One was orange and one was greenish. I sanded them down and sprayed them white. 

While I was there, I visited a little beach side apartment my friend has just bought. I will post photos later this week. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

While the cat napped in a patch of early Spring sunshine, I popped a few pillow covers into a Rit bath to freshen them up. I think I preferred them before Oh Dear!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Catch up

I hope everyone had a good Easter break and enjoyed the long weekend. Easter 2013 will be one to remember for the Razmataz family. Our first meeting with beautiful baby Emma was just wonderful. We just couldn't get enough of her. We spent a good deal of the weekend staring at her and cooing at her. DIL is a relaxed and intuitive mother and I just loved to watch her get to know her little one. We have many photos, but the would prefer not to have them on the blog, so I will have to resist. After 3 days of admiring how beautiful she is, we departed Montreal with a new sadness. Although we try to see each other frequently, just a few weeks is a long time to miss in the life of an infant. We will be skype-ing to keep up. 

I visited my jewelry (Sno of Sweden) supplier today and stocked up on some Spring and Summer pieces. Lots of white this summer and a return to gold and rose gold. I stocked up with Mother's Day in mind. New items will be loaded this week. Thank you to those who have already supported the shop. I hope no one minds the product posts, but I really do need to optimize SEO and that means having mentions on the blog now and then. I won't be offended if you quickly hop to the next blog.