Saturday, December 12, 2009


OK, now those who know me, know I have lots of what I call "bits".  Bits are things I collect, second hand things that I find in flea markets, garage sales, thrift shops and yes, on the road side.  In this photo are my treasures found at a favourite local thift shop.  First a pair of Grindley Peach Petal plates, a gorgeous cream and gold Serving Plate that I plan to use for Chocolate Cakes (yes only chocolate because the colour is perfect to enhance Chocolate).  Next, Spoons.  silverplated and mismatched, just the way i like them. A shell covered Jewlery Box and a silverplated fretwork Casserole Dish with the glass insert. Lasty, a silverplated Tray which I cleaned up and placed on my dresser to hold my Bracelets.  What a successful shopping day.  Total spend: less than $30.00.

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