Thursday, December 17, 2009


I spent some time yesterday working on a few projects to use up a huge quantity of designer fabric samples donated to by Gresham House, my upholstery supplier.  They are all from Strohiem and Roman and Jab, so they are some of the finest fabrics around.  There are fine silks, cotton velvets, mohair velvets etc.  They are so beautiful and they get thrown away as they are discontinued.  I made a few gift bags, simply sewing one seam and attaching a ribbon.  I am also going to make some pillows.  I am wanting to use them for breast cancer fundraising, or some other worthwhile project, so if anyone has any suggestions as to other ways to use an 18 x 18" fabric square, I would love to hear from you. With an exception of a few silks, most are upholstery weight, so that may effect what I can do with them.   

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