Monday, December 14, 2009


I recently came across the blog of Cara Greenberg, a writer, photo stylist, editor and old house collector.  She recently posted on "Sulla Strada" which means "On the Road" in Italian. What a fabulous term!! Some of my favourite pieces have been found on the road. I thought I would share a few of them with you.

Mirror- This mirror is one of my best Road Finds ever. It is a very old plaster mirror. It has a number of the back that is identifyed as a restoration number, so someone actually had it restored at some point. I found this while walking my very young kids in a double stroller. I knew I couldn't carry the mirror and push the stroller, so I made the kids get out and walk home and placed the mirror safely in the stroller.

Bamboo Chair - Found this Chinese Chipendale Bamboo Chair while walking the dogs just last year. Similar problem as I had 2 large dogs on leash. I guarded it for a while until I saw the paperboy with his papers in a wagon. Sweet boy that he is, he agreed to load the chair onto the wagon and run it back to my house for me. I had it recovered in an RM Coco animal print chennile.

Stone Planters - Found these 2 stone planters on the same day as the Bamboo Chair on the way home from walking the dog. Gave the same paperboy 5 bucks to load them on his wagon and drop them at my house again. Believe me, they are so heavy I really should have paid him $10. At this point he was feeling a bit guilty as he told me his mum would have loved them!. Anyway, first come, first served in the standing rule for Road Finds, so they now sit on my porch adorned with Christmas greens.

Iron Potting Stand - This thing is made of iron and weighs a ton. It has the just right amount of rust and is my favourite shade of vintage green. I could not pass this one up, as I immediately envisioned it at the cottage housing my Shell and Seashell Box collections. The hitch-I was with Blake, we were dressed up, it was raining, and we were in his car (not suitable for rusty junk). We stopped imediately to lay claim to it, and after a bit of coaxing , he managed to fit it in his trunk.
I would love to hear your Road Find tales and photos.

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