Sunday, December 27, 2009


I am one of those people who like to chuck the Christmas tree out the door well before the 12th day of Christmas. All of a sudden on about Day 3, I start to crave my more simplified, non Christmas decor. Not one to keep my poinsettia unitl June, I start my descent from Christmas quickly, starting with my Christmas cards. I gather them all up and re-read them all, then I take the scissors to them, cutting up the prettiest ones to make gift cards for next year. Here is a sampling of a few.

This is an easy projects to do with your children too, as they can use their craft scissors.  just eyeball the card and decide which part of the picture you want to use and cut and fold it.  I made 2 gift cards from this one card.  You can make folded cards or flat and punch a holes in them and add string or ribbon.

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