Friday, January 1, 2010

Bonne Annee`

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Farewell 2009, Greetings 2010-

This first post of 20 10 comes after what I am calling "my growth year". I am a LATE BLOOMER. "Finding myself" came a bit late in life for me, and I am happy to say I have weathered the journey pretty well. After bit of a shaky start, 2009 proved a great year. My kids continued to grow personally and professionally. My daughter has a job she loves, and she moved out on her own.  My son continued to build his business with confidence and success. We have had wonderful visits with him and his girlfriend this year. I had a girls-only holiday in St. Maarten with 3 mums and 4 girls, where I got to know A, and marvel at her strength and courage to carry on and help other kids after losing her son. We bought a boat. We taught ourselves how to dock a boat. We had parties, and attended parties, and weddings. We were able to be there for our families in tough times. We initiated a new family policy of speaking up instead of maintaining the status quo-and yes, it was OK to rock the boat if needed. We saw friends and neighbors touched by cancer and even suicide. Our friend lost his mum. We lost our beloved Mooch. I miss my boy so much.  I lost 40lbs. I tried spinning and pilates and yoga and weight training. I am counting my blessings that I have friends to stand by me and support me through good and bad. Two friends got good cancer news. Our Gracie Girl (dog)suffered a stroke but recovered beautifully. She celebrated her 15th birthday. We met more of our relatives lost for over 40 years. My cousin moved to Chicago, home to the best neurosurgeons in the world, and then was diagnosed with an aneursym.  She bravely underwent a difficult surgery and had a great recovery. Two of our neighbors celebrated the engagement of their daughters. The cycle of is so fascinating.

This is my year to continue to grow and try new things. I want to live this year fuller and without judgement or fear. We are celebrating 25 years married this Feb. I am going to St. Lucia with my "girls" who last year all" pinky sweared" to go topless on the beach this year. (Clearly too many Mohitos and sunshine) We will learn to dock the boat when there are other boats in the harbor. I am continuing with my "gym thing", and will again help "The Desperate for a Cure Housewives" with their fundraising. I am hoping to start a project with my 2nd cousin Sam who works with a group of mums in Peru. Will post more on the works.I want to read a book a week and watch old movies. Plus lots of family and friends and get- togethers. People all around, that's what I wish for.

The Blog
The blog is going to be chockablock full. I am going to try to focus on great design and lifestyle as it relates to the average person. Food(NOSH) ideas that are RIDICULOUSLY simple. A regular feature of Canadian books to READ. Introductions to local ART. FINDS from around and about. And, my flea market BITS and treasure hunting adventures. And of course people.(PEEPS) THERE IS NOTHING MORE FUN THAN PEOPLE.

I wish all of my friends, neighbors, family, readers and clients, a joyful 2010 filled with good health, good karma, good luck, good people and good adventures.


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  1. You may be a late bloomer but you are a beautiful one! Great blog. I loved reading about your year and what you wish for this year.


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