Friday, January 15, 2010

ROAD FIND-Art Deco Dresser

Art Deco Dresser

Never ,never, ever, be too embarrassed to stop and pick up a road find. It is not gross or cheap, it is wise and thrifty. When someone discards an item, they often leave it on the curb in hopes that it will become someone else's treasure.

I was walking the dog the other week and a neighbour was moving out. They had a heap by the side of their house that didn't seem to be finding a place on the truck. I spotted this dresser amongst this heap.

The homeowner was outside and so I stopped to say goodbye…..(and to put in my pitch for the lovely dresser). Turns out she was taking it to the dump the next day and was only too happy to see me rescue it. It had belonged to her mother.

My husband cringes when I call him when I am out walking, as it usually means bringing the truck somwhere and lifting something heavy.

It is from the 30's I believe with a book matched walnut veneer in near perfect condition. A solid piece of furniture for sure. All dovetailed and with a bit of scrolled carving at the bottom on the feet and also on the 2nd drawer.

It now sits in my guest room, housing books and a silver dresser tray. Not even a hint of embarassment on my part.


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  1. I love it! And I don't see anything wrong with grabbing up other people's "junk" :)

  2. Junk is NEVER that good around here. Way to go.

  3. Wow!!! What a great find! I can't believe they were going to take that gorgeous dresser to the dump! Lucky you to come along and give that dresser a new home!

  4. It's absolutely gorgeous! What a find.

  5. That really does look great. I wish I could find some junk like that ;o)


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