Monday, January 18, 2010


A Call for readers photos of their stash.
While I put my finer jewellery pieces away in a proper box, my everyday bits usually get tossed onto the dresser at night. Given that I have a THING for bracelets and necklaces, this results in a heap of tangled clutter that is unsightly and a real bother to sort. Whenever I see silver plated trays such as these at markets, I always pick them up. They make the perfect catchall for keys at the front door, desktop bits, makeup in the bathroom, perfume bottles etc. This one works perfectly in my bedroom to coral all of my STASH.

I recently came across a picture and post on Linda Merrill's site that got me thinking of the stories that jewellery tells. Gathered from trips, friends, self-indulgence, lovers.......the list goes on. How fun would it be to have you send me your snaps of your piles of baubles. Email them to me at and I will post the most interesting ones. Add a little comment if you like to give us the story.


Clockwise from top left:  1. Stash of bracelets, necklaces etc that gather on my dresser 2. LOVELY perfume, alos on the dresser 3. vintage Rhinestone and Pearl Pin. 4. Silverplated tray I found at a thrift shop.

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