Thursday, January 28, 2010


Watch for my new Saturday Posts "Simon's Kitchen".  Each Saturday we will follow the makeover of Simon's own kitchen.  A talented cabinet maker and general contractor, Simon can make absolute magic of the most mundane room around. We will follow Simon as he begins the renovation of his terribly dated, boring and dysfunctional suburban 1980's kitchen and how he and his super-stylish wife T. transform it.  I don't even know what the plan is, so I am checking in with them every Saturday.  All I know is........ the walls are coming down!!!!!!

My Girly Cottage Dishes

When we purchased the cottage (pictured above) a few years ago, I was determined not to run off to the mall and buy a second set of everything. Other than beds, towels and a sofa, everything was found second hand either from friends, flea markets or road finds.  (See this post for more of my road finds)

When it came to dishes, I had been stockpiling for years.  One at a time, here and there, they became a full set.  .......and a theme emerged.  Flowers.  Roses to be exact.  I don't own a boy-plate here at all so if you stay for dinner, this is what you get. 

 Either this ..............

Pink and ruffled............or this

Pink with Handpainted Roses........or this

Buttercup Yellow with Roses........perhaps this

Cream with Cabbage Roses....My favourite.

For the guy's guy there's this......

Ruffled, Lacy Edge.

Or less ornate.....this.....

The Blue makes it more manly.  (This one I rescued from a dumpster)

.....For your bread this.....

Festive Raised Star Pattern with Scalloped Edge.

For his soup, this one..........

A Delicate Sprinkle of Roses

 and for desert this ............

A full hit of Gold Trim and Big Blooms

And I haven't even shown you the glassware and vintage flowery tablecloths.!!!

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  1. I love the plates, my favorite one was the last one:)

  2. I love the plates. My favorites were the ruffled one with pink roses and the raised star!! My heart is going pitter patter all over the place.

  3. Pretty, oh so pretty. And I must say I love your blog entry's title today too.

    My show n tell is all about Valentine stuff this week.


  4. Gorgeous plates. I love any plate with roses on them.

  5. I love all the plates but my favorite has to be the pink. Who am I kidding I love anything with roses and pink.

  6. Your dishes and your blog is lovely !

  7. I love your plates! I especially love the plate with the ruffled, lacy edge and the one with gold trim and big blooms. I used to collect rose dishes and platters but finally had to stop. Although, sometimes I am tempted to add more when I am out bargain shopping and see a particularly pretty one or one that matches a set I already have.

    Thank you for sharing your pretty dishes with us today.

    ~ Tracy

  8. with plates like that I bet the food is terrific. I'm sure the boys wouldn't care with whatever you put on them. lol

  9. My post was on plates too...thanks for sharing, I like the simplicity of the single rose plate with a blue border around it. thanks for sharing.


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