Wednesday, January 27, 2010


A new collection begins.....

I was given this set of Lebanese Prayer Beads by a friend, and have really fallen for them. They are really quite heavy, brightly painted and have symbols (words?) painted on every bead. I spent some time reading about prayer beads, and almost every religion has them. I think that grouped together, they would make a super collection, all bright and shiny and so interesting.

My Lebanese beads.

Bright shiny blue, my beads hang on the glass knob of my bookcase

Beads in a market

Prayer beads for addictions..drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, overeating..whatever it is you do,

you can pray about it.

Swarovski Catholic rosary

Buddist Beads

Picture from
Black rosarys for prisoners

Made by my children when they were young. My Mother in law made them for the church and the kids helped. They preferred to make the ones for the prisoners...

African Beads


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