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Image from Canadian House and Home.
I have always loved interior doors painted black.  I think whether you have a modern home or taditional, they look fantastic. It also really shows off nice hardware and hides fingerprints.

My basement door

 In the Trends issue of Canadian House and Home magazine last month, they identified one of the hot new trends to be interior doors painted blue-black. I embraced the black painted interior door several years ago, but find it is either a LOVE IT OR HATE IT thing. It still is not very common at all.  When I ordered my new front door with black inside and out, I was called three times by the salesman and the manufacturer to confirm my order.

My own home

When my basement was renovated last winter, I specified black doors. Farrow and Ball's Off Black to be specific. I cut some corners though and had my local Benjamin Moore Store color match it. NOT THE SAME! Believe me. The look is more blue black, which  means I was ahead of the trend! Still would have preferred the OFF BLACK, but like them enough not to have them repainted.

From Canadian House and Home www.houseand

Even more charming on french doors.from

I am with House and home on this one, I think this is going to be a huge trend for 2010.             

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  1. It's so odd, but I have never even considered black for an interior door! But I sure am now... my front door is a dark red - which I LOVE every day that I come home to it, so I think black interior doors would be marvelous! Thanks for opening my eyes :)


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