Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Culprit and a Nurse

This is the culprit. The 8" widespread faucet that the poor young marble installer drilled a single center hole for. 
This is the new slab of marble to replace the mistake made Saturday.
Yesterday the protective paper covering the floors was removed to reveal 2 large scrapes in the floor, carelessly filled with a cover up pen.
On Sunday we noticed that the windowsills were not cut properly, something we have agreed to accept.
On Monday we noticed the upper and lower cabinets did not line up and the carpenter had to return to move the lower one. 
Today we noticed that the cupboard door does not shut because it wasn't leveled after it was moved.
We discovered 2 large dings in the front of the dishwasher as well as several missing parts. 
Neither contractor will accept blame for the floors or dishwasher and because we were not here, we don't know who did it.
And today when the plumber was here to install the faucet. His name was Geronimo
Geronimo proceeded to slice open his finger and bleed all over the new marble. 
As I raced to apply pressure to his finger, 
it sprayed blood 
all over the front of my new white linen dress.

His truck was in the shop and his borrowed truck did not have a first aid kit.
Unable to stop the bleeding with a roll of paper towels, I finally found my first aid kit which was packed away with the kitchen gear, and i wrapped it tightly in gauze pads and dressings, and to keep the messy dressy tight and neat, I wrapped it tightly in blue painters tape.
In the end, he had blood splatters all over his shirt, me, the dishwasher sink and floor.
Dexter would have been proud.
When the Raz Man came into the kitchen to see how it was going, he found the 2 of us standing in what looked like a crime scene.

He was very pleased with my reaction time, as well as my first aid skills and proceeded to clean up the blood and then finish his install.
Did I mention he was on blood thinners?
No wonder he bled like a stuck pig.

And....after 7 weeks the Insurance Company is now back and fro-ing over whether the claim will be covered or not.
I'm drinking. It's all I can do.


  1. I don't blame you one bit for drinking...drink up! I bet your marble is going to look amazing when it's all done!!!

  2. Oh dear Chania, you poor thing! I hope everything gets resolved, and bottoms up!


  3. I would be drinking too. Brilliant first aid.

  4. A drink is clearly the only thing for it. Oh my goodness!

  5. You know, you just can't get anything done worth a tinker's damn anymore. What happened to taking pride in your work? Well, I can't drink because of acid reflux, so have one for me. My ex is being a t**d and not paying me, and in yet another mess. I'll never collect from him, and I guess that fool of a mistress that married him has yet to figure out that she most certainly has led her ducks to the wrong pond...

  6. Wow! That's all I can say is wow! What an experience. As you know my hubby is a renovator and I'm thinking now that people are darn lucky to have him because of his knowledge, skills and attention to detail.
    I hope things improve! (And that you enjoyed that drink!) I think I'd be drinking after all that (and I'm don't normally drink)

  7. Tell them you know Some People in Argentina.
    Say it in a foreboding way.

    Save a bloodstained cloth while you are at it. It might come in handy when being foreboding.

    love you.

  8. Damn "Foo Foo Bird" is getting a bit to frequent with PROLEM stuff. We want "smooth sailing" here on out!
    I am having a drink with you! (Insurance better cover the white linen dress too!)

  9. Cheers and Here's to you! I'm chugging cough syrup instead but it has a kick!
    good lord what next?

  10. Chania....definitely deserves a cosmo or two. After all that, I'll even have a few for you! The dress.....damn!

  11. oh, boy. hang in there. bottoms up...

  12. Rats and double rats. What a time you have had getting things done right and done the first time.

  13. I like the suggestion above about the foreboding looks and leaving some bloodstained cloths about. Thank goodness Geronimo didn't bleed out totally AND finished the job. Although surely he had some plumbers tape on him?! Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow will be better. Ann

  14. You so have my sympathy! Isn't it amazing the lack of quality or attention to detail some people can have. I am so shocked about the cupboards. I hope it is done soon.

  15. Bless your heart.....thank goodness you have liquor. Best wishes for ...well for things to improve. I can't wait to see it when it is all have lovely taste and it will be gorgeous....

  16. My goodness! Are all the planets misaligned or what? All of that would definitely drive me to drink! Hopefully it will all be sorted and the final outcome will so beautiful, it will make you forget about what it took to get there. xo

  17. I wonder if Mike Holmes is available?!! I see that just through your experiences of late that good reliable tradesmen are hard to find!! What you need is someone like my brother in law who is meticulous in everything he does. He is a fine craftsman. Good luck with insurance and have a drink for me!

  18. Hydrogen peroxide will take the blood out of your dress. Just dip a q-tip in the H2O2 and apply to the blood.

  19. Hydrogen peroxide will take the blood out of your dress. Just dip a q-tip in the H2O2 and apply to the blood.


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