Sunday, January 27, 2013

Marble woes

No counters means everything is on the coffee table

A hint of what I am doing in the kitchen

Plants that never need watering

My old Mexican bench

Poolside for morning coffee

The vacant house next door. Sold on Friday for $78,000. Needing a bit of a reno. It's a bit spooky..

Little Mexican place near our house with great food.

Kitchen counter mistake # 1. Polished on the Windowsills, honed on the counters.

Kitchen Counter mistake # 2. The seam on the island is VERY visible and obviously filled.

Third strike and out! I gave them the template, told them to be careful and they drilled it right in the center for an 8" widespread faucet. They tried to fill it but it's a no go.


  1. How can anything sell for 78,000 today? It leaves me completely speechless - and I see an adorable little balcony peaking out through the trees.
    I don't find it spooky at all - sort of reminds me of Grey Gardens - and I would love to get my hands on something like that - and lovingly restore it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Marble woes . . . not happy, an understatement!

    House sale for 78 thou . . . sounds like a steal to me. Needs work??

    Pool looks inviting and wonderful!

  3. White marble is next to impossible to repair invisibly. The only option is to insist that the damaged pieces are taken out and replaced - by someone who knows what they are doing.

  4. Ha ! only spooky cause it is so overgrown like the Munsters house

  5. I think hiring workers today is requiring more and more of the person hiring than should be.
    You need to see photos/examples of previous jobs and get references .. I am boggled by the shoddy workmanship and crap skills of the people you have gotten so far .. this is terrible !
    I like that little house, sort of sleeping in an enchanted forest, waiting to wake up again. I would love to do a little reno job on it .. without the guys you hired lol
    I wish I could send you my marble guys .. 6 years later and the marble and the work is still flawless.

  6. WOW! The land alone must have been worth $78k ... or more! If I had known, I would have come down to take a look!

  7. Good thing you made a trip down to check on the progress! I'm confident you will ensure they make it right! It's going to look gorgeous...just like the will turn outfabulous in the end. Good luck!

  8. love that kitchen tile......BTW.....Kitchen remodeling via long distance can be such a nightmare. We did ours many years ago and the plumber drilled right through a water line causing a huge, huge leak to occur on my NEWLY installed hardwood floors.....gastly!!!!!

    Just persevere here will be completed to your liking eventually.



  9. Oh no! Not again! Breathing in, breathing out........OR, drinking in...!! lol
    I am confident you will have that fixed in no time.

    Now, on the coffee table I noticed a small turquoise Pyrex bowl.....I have just like it. My fav of the ones I have.

    Is that the going rate for houses in this shape in Florida? I am surprised but then again have no clue about the real estate market.

  10. drink and breath's going to be gorgeuos...can't wait to see it!

  11. Further proof that construction projects can be brutal. So sorry for all the problems.

  12. I love all your colors, Chania! Now about that marble... ow! How in the world can they possibly think you wouldn't notice?!? It will all turn out beautifully in the end, but I'm glad you are there to supervise. Should be interesting to see what they do next door. Have you been to peek in the windows? I don't think I could resist. Ann

  13. It's sounding like the workers over there are related to the ones over here in Dubai! Sheesh! Love the tile you've chosen - it ties in nicely with your pool tile. As for the house next door, I would have loved to scoop that up!


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