Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Moving Forward

It's time to pick a word. 
A word to define the goals of 2013. What come to mind? 
Success, money, prestige, travel, love, adventure, excitement.....????? not at all....

I'm not seeking anything in particular for 2013 other than a settling in of myself, a step back, a quietness and simplicity of the day to day, my home, friends and family.

Where once I would have shuddered to be called simple or to crave simple things, I now accept and embrace the basics of SIMPLE. I actually really like the definition of SIMPLE. It reflects me, describes me and defines me quite well.

"Having or composed of only one thing, element or part (pure)
Being without additions or modifications
One element or part
Not involved or complicated
Little ornamentation or adornment
Not elaborate, elegant or luxurious
Unworldly or unsophisticated
Not guileful or deceitful, Sincere
Unassuming, unpretentious, not affected
Humble or lowly in condition or rank
Ordinary or common"

My goals are pared back, re-defined

read more biographies
learn to paint
walk the beach
rid the house of 100 items
spend less
save more
ask everyone I meet at least 1 question
make handmade gifts
pare back my wardrobe to 33 items each season
buy natural products
rid my vocabulary of embellishments with adjectives such as sea, low fat, cashmere, organic, extra virgin, vintage etc. from now on it's salt, milk, wool, coffee, olive oil and used.
photograph daily
watch movies
listen to music without lyrics
shop local
pick a new charity
make a toy for my soon to be born grandchild 
wear natural fibers
drink more water
mind my own business
see more live theatre
learn a little Spanish
join a book club--this has been on my list since last year. I found one but did not "Qualify" because I was over 40...this surprised 51 years of devouring a book a week, especially Canadian Literature, gives the wisdom NOT to be insulted by this.
better health for those that struggled this year
encourage people to join a bone marrow registry
Hold a newborn and memorize the joy of an infant

Simple is sounding quite delightful

Remembering those we lost in 2012
Ed Malone
George Holland
Craig Boyle


  1. One of my goals is to get a beach cruiser and start riding to the beach! To finish the huge cross stitch I started 3 years ago would be nice:) To lose the weight I successfully lost 2 years ago and then promptly put back on this summer!

    Happy New Year:)

  2. Happy New Year Chania!! I love your re-defined goals! My favourite is pare back your wardrobe to 33 items per season - I'm going to steal this one!!


  3. Sounds lovely...every bit of it! Here's to a simple 2013!


  4. Wonderful goals for 2013. Simplicity is a wonderful thing! Good luck with achieving them. What a great post.
    Lynne and I are starting off the new year by ttempting your clay tags! Wish us luck. We adore homemade!
    You have good things to look forward to, my friend!

  5. I think I'd have to go buy some stuff to have 33 items (besides undies) for each season!

    Other than that your entire list resonates with me. Want less. Spend less. Need more.

    On my list for more than a year is to start a dinner-at-home monthly. Simple food, soup and fresh bread, and a few friends.

    I can do this.


  6. I like your word Simple . . . In my pondering, it was my chosen one until another kept creeping in until I owned it. I wanted a word with no action, or at least not making me "feel" action . . . a word I could take inside me . . . and feel . . . not do. Finally, I let go of last years word and felt 2013,

  7. I like your word for 2013. Mine is calm. To try and remain calm. Who on earth under 50 even has time to read for heavens sake? Hey, the bad neighbors moved!

  8. AGGHHHH - you took my word Chania - back to the drawing board I suppose LOL
    I struggled for 2 days to find it (you snooze - you lose )
    Love your post - love your word - all the best in 2013 my friend!

  9. Oh my gosh - you didn't "qualify" for a book club?!? Sounds like they need to simplify their "rules" a bit. Glad I read that last because I would have missed everything else you wrote. I think all your goals are attainable and will be fun and perhaps challenging to achieve. Especially making a toy for your new grandchild. I look forward to getting to know "Simple" Chania and what the next year may hold for you. I know of at least one wonderful thing that will be happening in your life soon, a baby is the best thing to look forward to! Ann

  10. I have similar goals this year.
    Moving back to the US will involve getting rid of old things, finding new things, places and exploring and learning more about the new / old place we will call Home.
    I want to read more , real books and not be online so much.
    How great that I won't have to learn the language when we move back lol
    I plan on having a garden in my new home .. flowers and veggies.
    We will have so much in common .. oh and one more thing.
    I want to shop for baby clothes and things :) !!!!!!!!!

  11. I love it! There are so many things I also would like to do. In fact I will do some yoga tonight. Thanks for the ideas. You would think a book club would want a diverse age group to get different views of the book read. Shows that I've never been in a book club huh?

  12. Love this post Chania. I'm with you on those and, just in case you want to up the ante... I'm currently working on my Italian and it's not as hard as I thought it would be :) xxoo S

  13. Chania,

    This is such an inspiring post. Simplicity is also something I crave. Life gets complicated enough, and humans have a tendency to exacerbate the complications. The word that comes to my mind when reading this post is "fulfillment." Each of the things you stated as goals would bring a sense of living a fulfilled life. I even love the title of the post. Moving forward is really the only choice. To stay behind, in the thick of the losses, is to cease to live and only exist. My life has been simple in that my relationships are honest and uncomplicated. The complications come from bringing a needy dog into my house-- something of my own choosing, admittedly-- and needing to find a new home to accomodate her. Thanks for the inspiration and the gentle reminder to keep the focus on simplicity.

    Big hugs to you!


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