Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Cottage Makeover-Ontario Bloggers

Before and after Master bedroom. A whopping 73 sq feet.

Before and after kitchen. Painted cupboards and barn board counters.

Before and After Living Room. In need of while paint for a simple update.

Before and after guest room. Paint, old bed frames, battered cabinets.

Before and after exterior. A perennial garden with cuttings from home and a new stone patio.

Old bits, including garage sale bowls and cups, collected old wood boxes, my mums old rose colored wing chair in a new white slipcover. Pillow my artist Micheline Mann

My wall of old mirrors to reflect the harbour view, a massive dining table to seat all the visitors, my little desk and chair.

The view of the marina in the heart of Northern Bruce County.

It's Ontario Bloggers day over at Cindy"s blog, Just North of Wiarton blog. So today I have decided to show you a little Ontario cottage we used to own.

I've had lots of questions this week about the cottage we used to own. I thought that new readers  would like to see some photos and get a little history on this cottage. It was an 850 square foot little gem, facing right onto the marina in Lion's Head, a quaint little town in the Northern Bruce Peninsula, Ontario.We sold it almost 2 years ago after owing it for 3 years. 

When we bought it, it had just had a lovely big room added to the front, and had been completely re-worked and was well built, cozy and in my opinion a bit drab and dark. This Cottage needed nothing more than a lick of white paint and some pretty furnishings. Other than installing a patio of large local stone, the only new things we bought were the mattresses, dining chairs and the big sofa (Ikea). Everything else was bought second hand, including the dishes, from flea markets, Salvation Army or garage sales, or from my garage, in which I had been hording Bits for years. We used 2 old doors ($5.00 each) to panel the island and my neighbor took some barn boards from a tear down and went right over the melamine counters with a wood "slipcover" to hide it. 

The new owners bought almost everything it it, including the sea shell chandelier, the wall of mirrors and all the antique bits, except for a couple of things that we took South to our new Florida place. By remaining in our very first "starter" home, we were able to purchase another house instead of a bigger house, and this has left us with the opportunity to first buy and sell the cottage, and then take advantage of the crazy cheap Florida market and purchase there. I miss this quiet little treasure, but love the Florida house just as much, just differently.

My door is always open for those who like to stop by for tea for those of you in Florida!


  1. How adorable Chania!!! And the view is just spectacular -

  2. I know this place very well having grown up in the Georgian Bay area. Oh the memories that I have are so wonderful. You must have had a hard time giving this place up Chania.

  3. I remember seeing your cottage redo when I first happened upon your blog. Its amazing what some "simple" changes can do to transform a place. It was just a darling little gem, but I know you are very happy with your beautiful place in Florida now. It will be the hub of many happy times for your family. Ann

  4. FL ....some day I hope..I'll be there with my pajamas ... or see you here in my guest room <3

  5. I really enjoyed the tour. You have a great sense of space and style. Not only on the inside, but also the out. I love the stone patio. Why in the world did the old owners have such tall posts on the deck? Crazy.

  6. I love seeing your decorating and creating style. You make everything seem easy and comfortable. Love the garden area you created at the cottage. That little cottage has an outstanding view/setting.

  7. That marina view is stunning. You did such a lovely job with the cottage Chania - the fact that the new owners bought it complete with all your bits and bobs is testament to that! x

  8. Great transformation, it is like two different cottages! It still must have been hard to leave... but then, your Florida house is beautiful... and the pool!

  9. What a beautiful cottage! And what a fab makeover... so jealous! Dropping by to say hi from Cindy's Ontario Blogger Day. So nice to meet you!


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