Thursday, January 3, 2013


I'm truly a slacker in the area of Winter attire. I am also a true hater of wearing socks, finally slipping them on out of necessity in early November, and shedding them in March if the weather co-operates. Until a few weeks ago, I've gotten by wearing Frye boots most of the Winter and donning Uggs in extreme weather. 

We all know that Uggs are best worn by teenage girls to the shopping mall, with a TNA faux fur trimmed Parker with black leggings underneath, or by late night dog walkers wearing plaid flannel pajama pants. They look awful on large feet, and I feel quite frumpy in them, plus my feet flop around with no support and even less grip. So this year, I'm donating my Uggs and have purchased my first really sensible pair of Winter boots. People who wear Sorel's tell me they last for 20 years, and so despite looking a bit like a man boot, I have succumbed to their warm, waterproof, sturdy gripping comfort, as well I am wearing as a wool hat, something I have never worn in the 40 years since I arrived in this country. I just don't have the right head for a hat....but 2013 sees me throw caution to the wind.   

With me finely attired in my new Winter wear, Frenchie and I set out this morning for our walk, and what to his wandering eye should appear? but a little plastic bag of weed, lying on the sidewalk. He snatched it with lightning speed and I, in turn snatched it with greater lightening speed from his chops before he could devour it and become a very HAPPY pup.

Eucerin Cream used to be only available from the pharmacist. It was the base that other creams are mixed into, such as cortisone. My California friend used it for her kids eczema, and recommended to me for my kids. Now you can buy it from the drug store shelf. I use it all year long and also put it on my face at night. I swear it fight wrinkles. That's my secret tip for you today.


  1. Thinking of you today Chania. I'm sitting in a Starbucks on 39th St in St. Petes (waiting for Rudy - he's at a business meeting). I mean to explore St. Petes when he is done.
    Having a kid with excema, we discovered Eucerin a while ago - great stuff. Haven't quite descended (?) to the totally sensible Canadian winter boot (I wear bearpaws - snuggly, sure-footed and I love the look!

  2. ah Sorel's are a staple up here in the Yukon! So are my waterproof Merrel hiking/walking shoes. I even where them in the winter and my feet stay warm and dry!
    Happy New Year friend. I hope 2013 treats you well. xox

  3. I continue to wear my old boots (non-UGGS) slipping them into Yaktrax when snow and ice cover the ground here in Bend OR. I totally 'get' the feet flopping around syndrome, it's why I donated my icy blue UGGS to Goodwill a few years ago.

    Wishing you the happiest New Year!

  4. my son got a pair of those boots from santa and loves them!

  5. I have to look up those boots when we get back to the US ! I will be needing some serious winter boots in the near future . I don't mind clunky boots, my favorites this year were the Doc Martens that I bought and never took off ( or so it seemed).
    I have a pair of fur lined suede Merrell clogs that I bought before we left the US .. they are the best winter around the house shoe :)
    Now I wear ballet flats and grumble about the heat.
    I have dry skin. The sort that required cortison shots once upon a time. I love Eucerin !
    You can get Everything over the counter here so I have been happy about the skin creams.
    I am glad you avoided having a high dog to deal with lol ..

  6. I know what you're saying about those darn Uggs. I flop around in mine 'cause we have ten feet of snow in our yard. I'm going to break down and get something better too. I also use eucerin cream as well!

  7. Still smiling over you and Frenchy grabbing for the bag of weed . . .

    I find the two most important factors for winter garb are for keeping me warm and to protect me from the ice! I love your white wool like hat and the Sorel's look great. Wintertracs attached to a boot help considerably on the ice!

  8. How did you so abruptly end the "bag of pot" story and go right into the wrinkle cream tip? Hahaha ! too cute Chania.

  9. Ok. so your are correct about the Ugg's....although I don't have the real thing...I have the faux pair....they are fabulous (not pretty) for wearing without socks when I have to run my children places (and when I don't have to get out of the car because I have amazingly long, big feet and they make my feet look even bigger!). So.....was Frenchy exceptionally hungry after his walk!? How funny.....

    Thanks for the Eucerin tip.....I have eczcema ......I am going to run out and get some tomorrow!!!!

  10. Wow a lot going on for you. I agree about good winter boots. I have a pair of LaCross Rubber boots, that leave a lot to be desired in the fashion sense. They have been the only thing that has kept my often frostbitten toes cozy and warm. Comfort beats fashon any day in my book.

  11. I've got a great pair of Kodiak winter boots that I bought about 15 years ago and although they are a bit clunky, they are warm and comfortable and waterproof.
    And just yesterday I bought a lovely set of ear muffs - winter hats don't look great on me and because I have bangs I usually have to push them up or aside so that when I remove the hat I have a bad case of "hat head". The ear muffs are perfect.

  12. Just found your blog through Hooked on Houses, loved your kitchen makeover! Your ability to see the potential without creating a lot of waste really caught my eye and I had to see more of your work. Really wonderful.

    My husband swears by his Sorel boots, I, even though I just turned 50, still love my Uggs. Easy, since it's pretty mild in Northern California. So interested in your tip of Eucerin cream, I haven't tried it but just started using Yu*Be skin cream, my sister from Minnesota loves it. Do you know how it compares?

    Thanks for such a great blog, I'll continue to check in, Donna


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