Sunday, January 13, 2013


I've begun my 100 item purge. My goal for the new year was to get rid of 100 items from my house that I no longer use or want to keep around.
 I have a fear of living to 100 and my kids having to sort through thousands of my Bits. So I'm starting almost 50 years early to make sure I'm not saddling my family with my junk. I decided it would be helpful to my collectors nature to try and remember why I bought these in the first place.

1. Set of 8 coffee cups with saucers I went through a stage when we updated our kitchen of only wanting white dishes. Now although I love these, I have so many lovely cups, I feel I should pass these on.

2. Old juggling pin. (why did I ever want this? I really don't remember) It certainly wasn't for juggling which I find altogether too co-ordinated for my clumsy self. I know who I'm giving this to (Allison) because it goes with her unique collection of Canadiana collectibles.

 3. Silver plate coffee pot 8" I see the charm in this and I bought it at a lovely antique store in Bruce county. It was purely to look nice in my glass fronted cabinets along with all the white china. But it has no purpose, therefore it's on the way out.

4. Red Art Glass plate. This was a gift from someone who thankfully doesn't read my blog. As much as I like it, it does not suit my very cottage'y house.

5. Very large Pottery Barn candlesticks. Far to large for my small mantle. I bought these when Pottery Barn first opened in Canada and I just "had: to have something from there. Giving these to girl child who will paint them white.

6. Small dog drawing of poor quality purchased in the UK during my phase of wanting a wall of random art. 

7. Small round lidded basket to hold junk. (never used)

8. Random red transfer wear dishes. Purchased from a farm sale because they were cheap. Now they are just dusty as they have been on the basement for 20 years. They are old and some are chipped. Never used and never displayed.

9. Pretty silverplate tea set that needs cleaning. Totally decorative and bought only to look pretty on my shelves. No purpose, no keep.

10-15 Random Jewelry. Some was gifted, others purchased because I have a need to buy trinkets wherever I go.

16-19. Bag of scrap wool (no idea, this is not even wool I would use...all poly blends and 1980 pinks.)and odd dog articles accumulated during Foster Dog phase.

21, 22. Crystal candlestick, purchased because I saw them in a Design magazine and had to have some. I bought 3 because I thought they would look good grouped on my table. (they didn't) And a little tiny wire basket that sat on the back of the loo collecting dust.

23, 24. Two very tiny prints bought in Ottawa 25 years ago at the market. largest is about 6" tall. I remember these were all we could afford at the time, when really I wanted a great big piece of art. Far too tiny to look right on any wall in my house. Have not been hung in 20 years at least.

When you look back at purchases, do you have regrets or wonder why you ever bought them in the first place?


  1. I can't do it ..... I love my STUFF, lol!


  2. Oh yes I just purged Handbags.....Got a bag full for
    Goodwill.....went through my shoes....filled a bag for the garbage..
    another for goodwill....
    Filled a bag of summer tops as well for Goodwill....
    Feels Great!!

  3. I love that you are sparing your kids that task. Both of my parents died unexpectedly, well before their time, and we are still dealing with their things...some of which I love, others not so much! The guilt of getting rid of it was horrible at first, and I really do feel like we kept only the best stuff.

    I should consider doing this too, as my kids will likely never want half the stuff in my house, and a lot of it is just taking up space. As I get older I feel more and more drawn to the simplicity of an uncluttered house. I know you feel the same way, so good for you on getting rid of things you no longer use or like. Thanks for your lovely comment too! xo


  4. I went through a wine theme stage a few years ago so I have tons of wine themed nick knacks in a closet. It's nothing worthy of being passed on, that's for sure so maybe a yard sale one of these days:)

  5. SLOWLY . . . I am getting rid of "stuff!". I say . . . what ever happened to me that I took so much "stuff" into my life. I keep sorting, purging, giving, recycling . . . still have stuff!

    I remember one time I was looking for some little bit or bauble and said to myself . . . "why did I give that away" but usually I am thrilled to clean out a corner or room.

    I like your 100 items idea . . . I best get with it!

  6. Good idea. I have been doing that for months. Even after I have moved. It feels good. It seems that since I had a blog, I kept collecting stuff to put on my blog. I like pinterest for that reason. I can have as many collections as I want, and it takes up no space, and for some reason it feels the same as actually having the item.

  7. I swear we are twins of different Mothers lol..Doing exactly the same thing but I had no number in mind so I'm adopting your 100.
    I take photos and send them out to my local list of clients and pals and they call up and buy. Anything left over gets donated... The bigger items I check with the kids first...
    Thank you for the goal number. I had considered doing the closet 100 trick but I still have hopes that the smaller sizes may fit some day...yeah uh huh....
    I may also adopt the mosaic idea to keep me honest and get er done! :D

    Thank you AGAIN <3

  8. I am terrible at throwing things aout, but thankfully I don't buy much due to my crappy budget, only books. I rarely regret purchases either, mostly because I think things over and over before I purchase. My cupboards could do with a cleanout though!

  9. Good for you on the purge. I did a lot of purging last year but I still feel I could do more. You inspire me to get back to it! Thank you for that gift. :-)

  10. I wish you could hold on to some things until we get all moved back to the US !
    I have a hard time throwing things away, but had to learn when we moved to South America and now going back, I am not throwing one thing away lol... I can't keep throwing things away each time I move. But I will need things when we get back .. red and white dishes perhaps :) and a bit of random jewellery would be fine too.
    What you don't sell now, hold on til I get back !!
    besos... 6 weeks and counting ~~

  11. I do love a good purge. However, I have to do it when the husband is not at home. *cough* hoarder.

  12. You make this process look so easy!! I need to edit a few thing this year also!

  13. I did a big purge when we were packing up our Muskoka place - didn't want to fill up the storage unit with items i no longer loved. I tend to pick up a lot of things here and there. I'm sure I'll be needing to purge again when we move from this apartment!

  14. Oh yes I do!!! Just visit our basement and you will see what I mean!! Chania, you have hit a chord with me and just maybe some encouragement to 'let it all go, Jim'!!
    Why I have it? Well, most of it got us through a couple of rough periods in our lives when we needed a distraction to keep our minds off of a break for us.
    Yes, it is time to 'empty out' here too! Thanks Chania!

  15. I started purging a few years ago and at the same time I became more selective of what I bought for our home. I also went through a phase of keeping absolutely everything for one sentimental reason or another but then it became just crazy when I though about where I would end up one day. Now I am trying to teach myself to purge clothing. I have not applied the same logic necessarily to my clothes closet. I have old jeans that ...well, maybe will fit me again one day??? ;)

  16. Hi! I came over to visit from Old Grey Mare and I must say I'm going to join in this 100 item purge. I'm like you thinking what will my children say if they have to go through all this STUFF! I love vintage and bargains and so it really adds up in the house. I thought I would sell things but I find it a lot of bother to be truthful. Are you selling any of your items or just giving them to certain people. I'm trying to decide how to rid myself of some of my treasures. I'm going to visit some of your previous posts!
    hugs, Linda

  17. You have inspired me! I had a box of about 15 things, ready to go, then a few that I hadn't quite made a decision on. My husband just broke one of the questionable items so that helps ;) I think I could easily purge 100 items. I'll have to let you know if I do!

  18. As I cleaned out and purged our attic this time last year I think I asked that question with 95% of the stuff that was up there. I also found that I tended to hold onto things of my parents, simply because they were theirs and they were no longer around and I still wanted everything that represented them - even if I didn't like whatever it was. How's that for self-diagnosis? I "disposed" of things of theirs which I did not particularily like in proper fashion and felt better knowing I only had things of theirs around that had special meaning or I particularily liked. Now my issue is things from my children's childhood. I've moved at lot of these things to CA in the hope that when little babies start showing up I can pull these "treasures" out. My son will be horrified to know some of the baby stuff of his I've kept. Ann

  19. Chan,

    Is # 5 still avail? I'll be in Oakville this weekend with girlchild :)



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