Friday, June 14, 2013

New Arrivals in Shop

Have you ever photographed jewelry? Trying to get a bracelet to sit a certain way or capture the entire length of a necklace is really quite tricky. I play around with different backgrounds, including any fabric samples I have around the house. I've been attempting to get my product tags in the photos too. I'm going to need a lot more practice because it takes me 100 shots to get one I like.

All these pieces are new to the shop and will be added over the next few days to my website. 

Congratulations to Jim at Ocean Breezes for helping me spread the word about the new Razmataz Website. Jim has a lovely blog and a gorgeous dog that frequently makes it into his posts...and if you want to see what life in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada is like, pop over to visit his blog. Jim selected a bracelet as his prize in my Sno of Sweden giveaway.


  1. Such lovely pieces of jewelry, and congratulations to Jim! I loved your last post too, sounds like one of those non-stop, fun, and family filled visits!


  2. LOVE
    Product tags
    First picture, silver chain and bauble
    And next one

  3. And your photo presentation is wonderful . . .

  4. Such original pieces, they are unique! I think your photos turned out quite nicely and show them off very well. I will go take a look at Jim's blog! Ann

  5. Your merchandise is so clean, crisp and classy, Chania. I can just imagine how finicky it is to get good shots of this.
    Thanks for mention and thanks to you I have met 'The Boston Lady'!!

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