Sunday, June 30, 2013

If I Had a Million Dollars.......

The tiles, chairs, beams and bougainvilia make a perfect setting. The house is comprised of 3 Casita's making up this amazing Hacienda.

This may be the front...hard to tell from the photo. I love the simple lines of this house. It say's "come surprised"

Look at the railings and the porch...this could have been built 100 years ago

Garden and patio

Living Room....amazing Mexican furniture, rugs and art. They didn't make it look kitchy trendy, just authentic to the style of the house without being too theme-y.

3 Casita's make up the Hacienda home.

Bedroom with tiled balcony

Kitchen with concrete counters and open the floor tiles.

The owner clearly must be a chef...look at the knives, the sink....the stove...

Quaint sitting area. Love the fur rug.

Dining with indoor/outdoor feel

Poder room, mud room, ? Love those doors...

I love the Mexican tiles..authentic Mexican tiles Saltillo tiles sometimes have little doggy paw prints in them...which happens when thy are left outside in the sun to dry. Look at the faucet on the tub.

The doors and floors are fantastic and the rugs...

Arbor covered with vines...beautiful tile again and stone pathway

My favorite spot besides the kitchen. The bench is gorgeous. Note the shutters....

All photos from HERE

If I was playing the "If I had a Million Dollars" game, which I am, I would have to talk to my mortgage broker about upping my budget so I could buy this house. The price is $1,190,000 so I am a tad over. If there ever was a house on MLS, Trulia or the like, that I have fallen in love with, it is this one. Built in 2003, it has been carefully crafted to have an authentic Spanish Revival feel. I think they've done it really, really well, especially the furniture and fixtures. All it needs is a pool. The location is sits on Snell Isle in the heart of St. Petersburg Florida. I am picturing myself in that kitchen with all my guests milling around in the garden. You can see the listing HERE


  1. I would kill my mother for that mud room
    And as for a raffle prize
    That would be wonderfully kind of you

  2. I can see you milling around that entire gorgeous house! I was playing this game a few days ago in my head as I contemplated a new sunroom and landscaping...maybe the money tree in my backyard will finally start growing! ;-)


  3. That would be money well spent, Chania! I love the three separate units/compound idea......can 'get away' when you want to. Very nice!

  4. Oh my, what a gorgeous home. Excuse me, Hacienda. Everything looks so open and refreshing. If I had a million dollars, it wouldn't get me much here in CA, I'm afraid. Spent today looking at possible rentals for our move further south in Sept. Ann


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