Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sno of Sweden Jewelry $125.00 giveaway-Contest Closed

I am really happy to announce the launch of my new website www.razmatazmarket.com 
As well as design services, I offer Dash and Albert rugs, Pine Cone Hill linens and my new line, 
Sno of Sweden Jewelry. 

I offer Free Shipping on Dash and Albert and Pine Cone Hill for all orders over $150.00 and 
Free Shipping on ALL Sno of Sweden in Canada & USA.

In order to get my new link out there on the Web, I am offering the chance to win a piece of Sno of Sweden jewelry of your choice from my website with a value up to $125.00.
To get a chance to win, I need you to put a link to www.razmatazmarket.com on your blog, either on the sidebar, or in a post. You can add it with a quick mention at the end of another post.

Please leave me a comment to let me know to enter you in the draw.
Thank you so much for your help.


  1. Hi Chania. You have such exquisite taste and I know people will be happy with what you are offering. Congrats on the new web site! I shared your blog post on FB and linked your web site there too.
    Good luck with ti.

  2. Yay ! I can't wait to start ordering my Sno of Sweden jewelry ! I have a list of bracelets that I want already lol
    Wishing you good luck on this, the products are so nice, you should be very busy with all your orders !
    besitos, C

  3. linky dinky right now. I am thrilled to get the word out about you and your beautiful new website! I stand ready to be your cheerleader any time. :D

  4. I'd like to enter this fab giveaway! I feel lucky today, so who knows :) Thanks for hosting this and congratulations on your website!

  5. I shared it on Facebook. Looks wonderful! I love that jewellery.

  6. I have to say that I have ordered dash and albert rugs from you and LOVE them....don't hesitate to order from Chania......

  7. I make it on sunday
    now I just put you on my list
    Thankks, have a good day

  8. I would like to put a 200x200 image on my sidebar for you. Do you have one handy? I will link it to your new site:) I also host giveaways for future reference:)

  9. I love the bracelet on your side bar,pink ? Ohmygosh love it

    how fun to have something new to wish for today

    good luck to me LOL


  10. I would love to put a 200x200 image on my sidebar for you. Do you have one you could send me? I will link it to your new website.
    Thanks paintwinerepeat@gmail.com

  11. Nice work Chania. Will be doing a splash on your site real soon, as previously discussed. Will link up now though!

  12. Oops...missed the giveaway..darn. ust back from a camping adventure and catching up..had no internet connection.

  13. awwwww...I wish I'd seen this sooner! Where have I been???



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