Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ontario's Northern Bruce Peninsula.

Lion's Head. A cool mist today in the outer harbour.

Right by that point on the right, the water here in Georgian Bay reaches 400 feet deep,

Reflections resemble charcoal or pastel lines

The harbor is breathtaking. Imagine waking up on your boat looking at those cliffs.

Why I am not a sailor....i'm too untidy to leave things like this.

Our old cottage......I had to walk by and check it out. The gardens look the same. I wanted to go in and nose around, but refrained from knocking on the door.

Pretty spot facing the Bay

The woman who lived here became a good friend when we had this cottage. Many a chat on my porch and she was my garage sale buddy. She took care of our place for us. A wonderful lady. I've been by twice but she hasn't been home. Her dad build this cottage himself, hauling rocks from the lake and cutting his own trees. I believe he bought the land in the 1930's for $170.00

"The Bruce" as the area is known is a humble community. There are many ramshackle farms and falling down barns. It has a unique charm and "back in time" feel. I love the countryside up here.

Hey Girl, whatcha eating?

Gone fishing.....

We've spent the weekend in "The Bruce" as the Bruce Peninsula is known. An area of humble and beautiful farms, lakes, cottages and people. I love the down home feel of this area, where we once owned a cottage. I so miss our weekend drive to out little place on the Marina, and especially my morning coffee over looking the sailboats in the marina. Frenchie has enjoyed waking in the lake which is at an all time low level on the Lake Huron side. Camp fires and full moons and a constant cool mist over the lake are a welcome change from the steamy temperatures in the city this weekend. 


  1. This was a treat to come along with you via the pictures!. Growing up a lot of my friends parents had cottages in various areas to the north of Toronto and I was lucky enough to see many of these areas. I will now go to a map to see exactly where this is. So tranquil. Ann

  2. What a lovely place! I really should think about going north instead of south, east, and west for my next vacation! I'm glad to see your old cottage still looking charming as ever.


  3. Thanks for this....feels really good. My summers were on Manitoulin with my cousin but I grew up on Georgian Bay. What a lovely visit.

  4. Loved being with you visually . . . what a lovely setting to relax, dream, remember. What a treat for Frenchie too!

  5. I enjoyed the walk. Glad you got to go back and enjoy.


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