Thursday, November 4, 2010

Friday Photo Challenge-Shadow-Linky Fixed

Hi Everyone.  I hope you have all had a good week.  We had so many beautiful entries last week, I am excited to see this weeks.  In fact, I have been really enjoying this challenge.  I just love to see everyones take on the theme.  We have such a variety of people that enter, and from all over, so it is always interesting.

This week the theme was Shadow.

I love to use wall sconces and chandeliers that have prisms on them because they create nuch an interesting shadow with the light refecting off and through the glass.  The photo above is in the basement next to the fireplace.  The fireplace is so simple, it could manage a little sparkle and glam beside it.  The sconce was a cheapie from Home Depot.   

It throws light down the wall and creates beautiful shadows.

You can see the light reflecting through the crystals.
 When the basement was done, we had blown the budget so badly due to unforseen things like foundation cracks and water damage, I have Zero in the budget for accessories.
The snow plow clipped some branches off my tree outside, and I brought them in and out them in this large vase on the games table.
I filled the bottom with gravel I stole from the kids playground.
I really love the way the light creates a shadow in this wall.  I don't need art there.

Next week the challenge is PATTERN.Photograph an interesting pattern or something that creates a pattern.  I am NOT a pattern person. I will have to dig deep.
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  1. Beautiful foto's. They are secondlook shadow beauties.

    have a nice evening.


  2. Maybe a cheapie from Home Depot but I think it's lovely, especially the crystal shapes.

    Stealing from the playground. tsk tsk : D



  3. I agree no art needed by your branches.

  4. Chania, love those stick/branch shadows. I will unfortunately have to not do this week's challenge as I've committed to another blog link-up, BUT I look forward to the PATTERN challenge. And I look forward to seeing all the other shadow interpretations. Ann

  5. Gorgeous Chania! I love the shadows from your branches, and the prisms of light from the crystals...magical!

  6. Link doesn't seem to be working for me!

  7. one day i am going to take you up on one of these keep them comming!

  8. hi chania, thanks for the challenge today, as i LOVE good shadow!! your shadows are lovely. i especially love the branch shadows.not sure i'll be able to explore other shadow seekers, as i will be having lazer eye surgery tomorrow (if all goes right).....not sure about the recovery. eek.....fingers crossed.

  9. HI Chania
    Thanks once again for hosting!!! I love those wall sconces.. and the gorgeous crystals which form dazzling shadows!! Wonderful!!! It;s so frustrating renting and not being able to fix anything to the walls... I see sconces such as yours and covet them!! haha...

    Your twig display is lovely .. simple and effective!!! Have a great week.. ciao xxx Julie

  10. Such beautiful pictures! These are among my favorites. Thanks for your kind words, Chania. Actually, I am doing quite well. Tomorrow is moving day, and I love my new place. It has a charm all its own-- not perfect, but I don't ask for that. Despite everything, I feel happy and optimistic. I have great friends and wonderful support from my parents. You are so sweet to check on me!

  11. Hi Chania, my weekends are getting crazy but I am delighted to join you. The chandy casts a great sparkly shadow. The branches are perfect. I must look into the exact definition of pattern and how to set up a post ahead of time because I will be in the mountains next week. ♥O

  12. The lights through the crystals are lovely. Chania thank you so much for putting up these photo challenges week by week. Really gives me something to think about - love everyone else's pics too.

  13. The branch shadows are wonderful! So simple and they create such a lovely look. Kit

  14. I love prisms too! Your sconce casts such beautiful light and shadow! :)


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