Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dynamic Design- The Home of Suzanne Dimma and Arriz Hassam

I wish I had a wall in my living room I could use to make a picture wall like this....

(I forgot to post the winners of the Canadian House and Home Magazine last Wednesday, but I did remember to mail it.  In the end I picked two random people Minne from Mama Without Borders adnd Mise from Pretty Far West.)
After my post the other day and little mention of the demise of several National Magazines around the world, a number of people commented on the News Stand Voids in their own cities.  I was checking out Wish Magazine, another Canadian Magazine and found on the WISH website a feature on Canadian House and Home Magazine Editor Suzanne Dimma's Toronto home.
Suzanne is married to Arriz Hassam, a partner with Design Firm 3rd Uncle.  Together they have an interesting mix of styles and a definite ethnic/vintage vibe that brings a unique, fun and dynamic mix to their home.
                                   Cool, Modern mix......Dynamic is my word to describe their style
I think the simplicity of this room makes it casual, yet well dressed.  The area rug is bold, but it isn't screaming at me......
How welcoming this front hallway feels.  A very simple look to achieve...a stack of books, leaning artwork and a Vintage or Ethnic table cloth....
......Being a bit of a sleuth I couldn't help but notice those holes in the closet or basement door.....I wonder what they are.?  Perahps to let the cat downstairs to his kitty litter?

All Photos from  "Photography by Rob Fiocca/First published in Wish October 2008"


  1. Love the last photo with the sweet cat on the stair case ~ I noticed the holes in the door too and thought what a great idea :-)Love anything whimsical like that!

  2. That last picture is exactly what needs to be done to my stairs! Even the cat!

  3. Chania,
    Thank you for your visit to her nest (Daughters) room.
    Thank you much for your gracious words, they will be forever remembered by my daughter, it's bloggers like you that make blogging exciting and fun to get to know other bloggers.

    You put in a lot of hard work to blogging and it shows.
    You are a beautiful lady inside and out :)


  4. dynamic, vibrant, just inspiring! love the style...have a great week chania! verbena cottage

  5. Hi Chania,What an interesting mix. Enjoying your blog. Was waiting for the SR preview....It will be here in OZ tomorrow night, so can wait til then.
    Did you name the winner for the Canadian mag prize. looking in anticipation to see the lucky winner.

  6. Yes! What a unique and lovely home. I just adore their understated, yet elegant style and their talent for mixing vintage with other pieces. I, too, have been wanting a big art wall, one of family photos, like a huge family tree. Thanks for featuring this. I'm a magazine fanatic but somehow had never heard of this magazine so now I'll have to at least check out their website.


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