Friday, May 28, 2010

Makeover - My 73 square foot Cottage "Master Bedroom"

The bedroom now..
When we purchased the cottage 3 years ago, it was a stale listing. Having languished on the market for an entire 2 summers with a reluctant seller and difficult agent, we cajoled her into “letting” us see it. It showed like a dog with fleas! But I was so excited….I instantly recognised the potential and mentally had all of my vintage and farmhouse bits moved in. After a 6 hour negotiation en route to Montreal, it was ours.

A master bedroom could sell a house. Or in this case. NOT SELL THE HOUSE. This is the master bedroom from the real estate listing.
Yes, this was the master bedroom. A weensy bit more than 8’ x 9’, it totals 73 square feet. One of two bedrooms of equal size. To top it off the previous owners had added a sink unit to each bedroom. ???? We had to remove the sinks on moving day as we couldn’t get the bed in. The room had bunk beds; a wallpaper border hung 6 inches from ceiling further diminishing the ceiling height, and zero charm.
The exact same view after the makover

Because of its diminutive size, I decided to make it what it was. CUTE. It could be nothing but cute. I envisioned a lovely, cottage-y bedroom with flowers and ruffles and a big mushy bed with down filled pillows. What it lacked in size, it was going to make up for in comfort.
I removed the industrial carpet and found the original wooden floor underneath in pretty good condition. My rule for the cottage was to re-use my existing pieces or second had finds only. The bed was from IKEA 20 years ago, and found a new life here in this bedroom. The dresser was a find from a flea market in Ottawa when we were first married. I painted it white and it fits perfectly into this space. I added a vintage lamp with a pretty ruffled silk shade (I did have it rewired). The green chair was found in local junk shop.
This room has no closet, so the  best I could do was purchase Rubbermaid storage bins for under the bed, and I added a peg board and an old farm bench at the foot of the bed. I can at least stash my bags here and hang my nightie...
This is the closet! 
And...the only place to stash anything....(that knob on the bed has been wobbly since the day we bought it.....)
I painted the walls Farrow and Ball's Middleton Pink mixed together with Farrow and Ball Strong White for  a peek-a-boo hint of ballet pink and threw on pillows and a duvet with ruffled edges. Not wanting to buy or make a new blind, I kept the existing Venetian and hung a lacy tablecloth on 2 nails to diffuse it. 
If I was going to go pink...why not pink and ruffled...I used linens from my new line from Pine Cone Hill..... 
I hung a vintage medicine cabinet to hold my makeup and bits......
Peeking in from the hallway....I would like to use a chadelier, but the ceiling fan is wonderful for summer sleeps......

 So this is it. A teeny space filled with squishy pillows, pinks, flowers and cotton candy prettiness.

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  1. Very cute indeed! What a a change from the real estate listing! I love the addition of the chippy little chair! It all looks so nice!

  2. love, LOVE! especially the closet, ha ha. what a transformation...I could definately get some good ZZZZZZZZZ's in such a lovely room.

  3. I absolutely love this cozy, cute bedroom. Even though it is small, it packs a punch of romance and comfort. I cannot believe the before pictures! Seriously? Bunk beds? You transformed this room beautifully.

  4. Chania, your bedroom now is fantastic!!! I love everything, you just did an amazing job!!

    Have a great w.e., Zaira xx

  5. Chania
    I am a little confused with your colour only painting furniture that you have issues? Your walls are a fabulous colour(aqua blue).
    I love the room, it is so cute.....very nice, perfect place to go "cottage"


  6. You have done a beautiful job in such a tiny space. it is adorable!

  7. Hi Chania!

    this is adorable! i love what you've done...all the floral and feminine!

    that listing photo is,...well, for lack of a better word, 'yuck'!

    i love that antique dresser too!

    well done!
    2 thumbs up from Creative Carmelina!

    ciao bella

  8. what a darling room! you have absolutely done wonders with such a tiny and formerly unappealing space. this is one of my favorite makeovers ever since anyone can make over a large room, but I think it's so much harder to create charm in a cozy room that still contains all the necessary elements and with only thrifted finds no less... amazing job!!!

  9. I have to ask - has anyone bashed their head on the corner of the dresser when the alarm went off? As for wobbly knobs, they're good - remember 'It's a Wonderful Life'.

  10. You have taken the smallest space imaginable and turned it into a show piece! How wonderful!!!

  11. Chania, I want to live in that bedroom!!! For me, that is perfection!!! Oh I am just so in love with everything in that room. Congratulations on such a fabulous bedroom makeover!!! I am so serious...I want that room!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx

  12. What a tiny space! You have done very well to make it into a comfortable, cosy room. It really is lovely.

  13. Hi Chania,
    I just adore your bedroom. It has such a homely feel to it and very romantic indeed. I understand what you mean about a chandelier but the cieling fans do do a marvelous job on the hot summer nights. Gorgeous room.
    Donna xx

  14. Ok, I have to tell ya, this is the most adorable bedroom. I LOVE IT! I love these linens. I want them, no seriously I think this is the cutest bedroom I have ever seen!


  15. I'm just amazed at how you used your space. It literally looks twice the size it did before. It's a beautiful room!

  16. love country cottage, it is so cozy looking! have a great weekend! verbena cottage

  17. Gosh, it's super cute! You have done a great job with a small space. I really like it :)

  18. You've worked wonders there; it's ever so charming and appealing, and most of all looks such a happy room.

  19. Cute, cute, cute, Chania!
    You've done a beautiful job and looks so cozy in there!
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    :-) Li

  20. Hi Chania!
    I am in love with this little room, it is perfectly sweet and pretty. I think you showed what a talented designer you are by being able to assess that the room needed to be "cute." The bedding is amazing, I would love to use that pattern in my daughter's big girl room someday. I also really love that bench too. I hope you enjoyed the weather this weekend

  21. ow chania, what a transformation! top work! even small can be good, the last owners weren't on that wave length it seems!


  22. Chania -

    I love seeing what you have been up to. Your bedroom is luscious! You have such vision. The previous owners decor was dreadful wasn't it - sinks in each room - how strange. You have made it cosy and quaint and sweet and dreamy. I love it. Hearing about the little idiosyncrasies like the wobbly end on the bed head, makes it all real and human and touching.

    I also loved walking through your garden and hearing about Mooch, trying to wee on the chives!
    Our dogs do that - what is that?!!

    Your Mum is so lucky to have such a beautiful, loving, caring daughter.

    Have a beautiful day Chania.
    Tracey at Velvetine Lily x o x

  23. That is an amazing transformation, just perfect in every way!! Do pop over to my blog, I'm having a giveaway

  24. Chania, it's beautiful..! What an amazing transformation. Simply stunning. So serene and inviting - I love it. And I love that you exposed those lovely wood floors and reused a lot of what you already had. Beautiful and inspiring work, dear!


  25. Chania,

    Well I discovered you yesterday and as promised in my other comment on your garden, I just finished reading the entire blog just now.

    I so enjoyed visiting here. I have become a follower and look forward to your posts and adventures.

    I believe I wandered in here from Home Shabby Home.


  26. I love it~so pretty and cozy. It makes you just want to take lie down and take a nap. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Chania, this is one of the prettiest rooms I have ever seen. You did such a wonderful job letting the room dictate its needs and then interpreting them. That bedding is the icing on the cake. Wow! Small spaces are a blessing as well as a challenge, and you have shown us the upside. Everything here is as functional as it is beautiful.

  28. WOW! You would never know it is the same room! It's gorgeous! I love the little bench at the bottom of the bed...just darling. : )
    I am sure the cottage is so happy that you rescued it!
    Health and happiness,

  29. What a transformation! You will have the sweetest dreams sleeping in such a pretty room xx

  30. Beautiful job Chania! I love the Pine Cone bedding, the original wood floors and the custom Farrow and Ball paint colour.

    I have a giveaway, if you want to stop by.

  31. Love. I love it. It's beautiful, charming, welcoming, warm and cozy. My favorite kind of space :)
    Oh, and your party.. where was my invite;) Looks like a lovely evening. xoxo

  32. Amazing what you did with the room. You definately took it from ugly to beautiful and welcoming. I love the cottage.


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