Tuesday, May 4, 2010

$5.00 Salvation Army Find-Hand Blocked Elephant Print

My daughter moved into her own place a few months ago, and has been finding her own style playing around with my castoffs (and bits from the shop).  Her decorating style is a bit Domino magazine-you know that mix of vintage and new, artsy and handmade with a defintie Ethnic twist.  She has always adored elephants and collects elephant carvings.  When I spotted this at the Salvation Army Store, I knew I had to get it for her.
It had a plasticky gold frame and red matting.  It is a hand blocked print.  A wooden or linoleum piece is carved with the design and then inked and stamped onto paper, in this case rice paper.  Price $4.99.
For her birthday (today) I had it framed for her.  Here it is on my old pine cabinet.  I did a large white linen mat, with a red undermat and a carved, somewhat ornate frame, although matte in finish.

When I had some of my own art framed last year, the framer told me to always have the bottom of the ma cut at least an inch higher than the top matte.  This is because, once framed the bottom always looks narrower than the top (fooling of the eye) and makes the matting look slight off balance, so the extra inch compensates for that.  I notice this now on all framed pictures, and it is true!
I really love all the details....the rugs on the elephant backs, the caps...
I am rather liking it here in my house.........


  1. $4.99? GET OUT! I love it and at that price, it's a fantastic buy...

  2. what an amazing find! and the frame you chose is perfect - your daughter must love it. hope she has a great b-day :)


  3. Oh I think she is definitely going to dig this and think her mama is awesome!!


  4. Great Buy Chania. I am loving it in that spot. It would be hard to part with. I see what you mean about the matting. I would have never noticed that before. Now, I will probably be looking at every picture to see if I can tell. Ha!

  5. Love it, that's a great price and reframed it looks fabulous. Your daughter is going to love it. Take Care, Carrie

  6. Wow, that's a great find for 5 bucks!!

    Thanks for sharing the tip about how to have a mat cut.

    We're having a Mother's Day giveaway over at DesignTies. Drop by if you have a minute and enter to win a beautiful Lisa Leonard necklace :-)


  7. What a beautiful find. It's hard to believe how can people get rid of things like that, right?
    But you were the lucky one to find it!
    And for 5 bucks? COuldn't be better, Chania!
    It looks so nice on your house, though...
    Have a sunny week! We are having a snow storm today...kids woke up and didn't want to go to school...go figure...
    Hugs, Li

  8. Wow!! You're super-fast about spreading the word about our giveaway!! THANKS!!

    Yep, a separate comment for each entry is exactly right :-)

    Good luck!!


  9. Morning Chania....!

    Gotta LOVE tha Salvos stores....!! This piece is LOVELY....The way you've framed it is PERFECT....hahahaha....I guess I'll be adding one of these to my own shopping list now.... :o) !!

    Just as an 'aside', when I leave a comment, the comment box is right next to your GORGEOUS green bottle pic which makes me smile as I type....It's one of my FAVE things....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  10. What a great price for such a fantastic piece! ~lulu

  11. That is a lovely piece. The framing sets it off to its best advantage!

  12. What a beautiful find..! And it looks beautiful in the frame and matting you chose are perfect - along with that gorgeous pine piece it sits on. I love it all!


  13. Finds like these is what make thrifting so fun. The new frame/mat looks fabulous. You did a wonderful job.


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