Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wimping Out

Ok, I admit, I am a color wimp......I bailed.....backed out.......panicked......and then called it off..
I had been inspired by these colors......
Nautical colors.....Turquoise...Agean Sea....
Pale, beachy blues.......
I thought I could paint the cottage kitchen cupboards capture these beautiful colors that we see from the cottage windows...
But, having a fear of color, I did a test patch.......and another....I dithered and faffed around...I had a couple of drinks to loosen me up..........then I BAILED........I just couldn't do it. 

This is what I was going to do. Martha Stewart Enamelware.....As some of you know, I not only have a thing about white paint, I have thing about paint color names. If I don't like the name, I can't use the paint.......YEP! This totally sucks being a decorator with such a fear......(I did paint one room at the cottage Farrow and Ball Pale Blue)..........I LOVED the name of this paint and the color, but it will now be relegated to a wooden chair.
This was the image that started it alll....image from
Painter on Hold, I need to make a decision quickly.....


  1. I think I would be the same. I love colour in my accessories but I'm afraid of it on my own walls and cabinets. Commitment issues...?

  2. you are so funny...and so like me....the name says it all...

    it is what you will forever think of every time you look at a painted object ... and what's in a name, ....

    oh....only everything!

    no one has ever understood this! alas, my weirdness is validated! yeah!

    i'm sure your design sense will kick in and you'll come to a decision!

    or the tried and test way...just close your eyes, and wherever your finger lands! voila!


    ciao bella
    nice to get to know you!

    creative carmelina

  3. Oh, color is so tricky. And you HAVE to love it, and then there's the scariness of not REALLY knowing until it's all completed. Not really.

    Do you have any upper cabinets with glass fronts? If you do, maybe you could add the blue to the back of the open cabinets. That's a less committed way to go.

    That said, it sounds like you really are more comfortable with white - so why fight it.

    Did you see this?

    The dining table and armoire are painted F&B's Green Blue. Maybe that's a more subtle way to add color - and the name is pretty harmless. ;)


  4. Hi Chania,
    Don't be afraid! Go for color!

    Second Hand Chicks

  5. There is something to be said for names. There are some paint names that I would probably avoid too. But I'm a colour girl and I would so have loved to see your cottage kitchen in that colour.
    Good luck with the paint choice.

  6. I'm having a paint struggle a teh moment too, but with black. go on chania - rip it off like a bandaid and do it. i will if you will : )

  7. LOL I love looking at the paint names too haha. But I am also some sort of a daredevil :) I do paint and if I don't like it...I paint it again and again if needed. Love me some color (any pink shade is good for me ;) )

  8. I am like you - I love white, and my whole house is white. I find, that if I keep the space mostly in shades of white, and inject shots of colour here and there, I am happy. If I paint a whole space a colour, I am not pleased, but try to be. In the end, back to white. I'd paint the cupboards white and inject shots of the colour in the backs of cabinets or with dishes and such.

  9. I get terrified at the thought of making a big color change ~ my kitchen cabinets really need refreshing. I've got to make some decisions!!

  10. Oh Chania, you are cracking me up today! Actually that photo that you posted from retro renovation is the same color that I used on my kitchen cabinets and I've never looked back but then I'm a color gal. I've been spray painting all afternoon!

    Ya gotta do what you love and if color isn't your thing, then so be it.


  11. Oh Chania I'm cackling like a chook down here....hahahahaha....And I thought I had OC issues....Come on....Give it a go....You can always paint over in white....hahahahaha....!

    Cheers lovey.,
    Tamarah :o)

  12. hi chania! go with what you instinct says! (i know, it is easy to say) i trust your judgment! have a great day! verbena cottage

  13. Oh you gorgeous girl! You know what, I just know that in the end whatever colour (or non-colour) you go with, it is going to look fabulous:) Can't wait to see your Enamelware coloured timber chair, that will look fabulous! Hugs ~ Tina xx

  14. Don't be afraid Chania! You can do it - and those beautiful aegean blues are not too out there. Colour is so uplifting - try one and then see what you think. That's the beauty of paint - it is so easy to change.

  15. You're hilarious. Honestly, I never would have guessed you have a color phobia. I adore color and am, oh, about medium to high gauge fearless in using it and painting things. I, too, place a lot of stock in the color of names. I will sometimes make a decision based just on the name.

    Whatever color you ultimately decide on, I am sure it will be lovely.


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