Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Before and After. My Cottage Dining Room

The cottage once belonged to an elderly couple who built it in the1940's and left the interior unfinished.  No plaster, no panelling, nothing.  Just open walls with plumbing and electrical showing.  About 10 years ago, it was purchased by a fella with some good construction know how, but very little design savy.  Which worked out well for us. The dining room was originally the cottage living room, before he added an addition.  This is what the dining room looked like in the real estate listing.
View from the kitchen island.......

And this is how it looks today...
I added a huge table that can seat 12 people.  You can see through the window the masts on the sailboats in the harbour.  I painted the wainscotting Farrow and Ball Strong White and the walls Farrow And Ball Light Blue.  I wanted to bring the blue from the marina inside, especially this room which was way to woodsy-cottage before.
Here it is from the other side.  That "thing" in the middle is a propane furnace....certainly a design challenge.  The picnic table has been relegated to the deck outside....
Same view today.....  I have tried to use only recycled and vintage furniture for the cottage, but I did buy the table from Ikea, as I couldn't find a vintage table large enough for this room.  The chairs are slipcovered and came from my house originally.  The chandelier was a gift from my brother and I embellished it with crusty old sea shells, beads and found Bits.
Beads, sead pods, seashells as embellishment.
We purchased this old Eatons sideboard when we were first married.  I lugged it up here and painted it white. 
I found this gorgeous old paned window with it's snazzy red paint a few weeks ago.....
I like the way it reflects light and objects from the other side.
Blake thinks this is the ugliest thing he has seen.  I love it and collect vintage seashell boxes......
It also houses my collection of old bottles.  I used to buy old bottles when I was shopping with my Grandad in England.
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  1. It's a lovely room, and much improved!

  2. You have a lovely dining room Chania! I love how you have repurposed items in your makeover. It adds so much character and interest to the room. I love your snazzy red door, it looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing! xx

  3. Looks fabulous chania, love the changes you've made. and that sideboard is gorgeous!

  4. Wow! The sideboard is gorgeous and I love the red window above it and of course the light fixture is the icing on the cake!

    Thanks for your kind comments on my dining room. It means a lot coming from a designer!


  5. what a transformation...great job! love the chandy.

  6. Chania, your side board is fabulous! I adore the old bottles, silver tray, and the window. I just added one like that to the back of my side board also. The whole room looks so pulled together and beachy in a fresh, fun way. The chandelier is a nice touch.

    I truly appreciate the comments you left over the weekend. Thanks for telling me about your friend. I hate to hear that any other parent is in the same boat as I, but it helps to feel less alone. Grief can be an isolating factor is a person's life. Every creative endeavor I undertake has some healing value. It really does help. Hugs to you, my friend.

  7. Love it. You have obviously worked hard to put your heart and soul into it. I am a sucker for red and that window just looks made for that spot. Great job.

  8. Hi Chania,
    I love the pick-nic bench look but the make over is great! I just adore your mix, the lighted window french door looks great as a back splash on the buffet, My solid door in in my kitchen leaning in the corner against the wall, don't you just love them!

    The shell box is so perfect in it's place, a perfect jewel from the sea.
    keep up the great work and keep inspiring us.
    PS... Getting ready for my new post tonight :) come for a visit you artsey beautiful women women, (and that's a compilment)

  9. How lovely is your living room Chania!
    I love the red window over the dresser. Looks gorgeous!
    Have a great week!
    LI Xoxo

  10. I especially love what you did with the red door! This room is enchanting.

  11. I LOVE that chandelier! The entire room looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  12. That window is fabulous. The room looks great, and how many of us can boast about and EATONS anything...looks good and have a great time enjoying it with family and friends...Did you notice yesterday had a whole day of Sarahs House...we watched it like for 4 hrs straight, and got every episode in about her farmhouse..a good way to relax.


  13. It looks lovely now. The colours you chose are great. It must be wonderful to be by the water - such great inspiration for your rooom.

  14. I love the red window panel - such a lovely touch


  15. WOW!! I am gobsmacked...it looks amazing,I LOVE the light fixture...great job...oh and you sideboard looks lovely,I love anything to do with the sea!! Thanks too for leaving me another sweet note! x0

  16. Hi Chania! I love a before and after shot - my fave thing! And I am with you on the seashell box - I used to see them in Florida and had this whopper seashell mobile thing that hung from the ceiling. I was pretty attached to it for years until the realisation dawned that perhaps it was better suited to a shell shop in Florida and not my British bedroom! Always nice to read your posts! Louise x

  17. Chania,

    First and foremost I want to thank you for your kind and gracious words about my Nan's passing, on my blog. She was a beautiful woman who never complained, never focused on herself but rather, others. It makes me aspire to be less selfish and more generous and giving of my time and my energy.

    I have just spent a pleasurable 20 minutes perusing your impeccable blog and I have so enjoyed seeing what you have been up to. Your creative pursuits are so inspiring. I love the mobile you constructed with seed pods and natural shells and embellishments.

    Your transformation of your 'woodsy cottage' is something else! Divine - you have exceptional taste and style.

    I feel inspired to cleanse and reconfigure and freshen up, air out and distill my home after the funeral and my time away.

    I need to cleanse and make my home feel fresh and happy again.

    Thank you Chania - you are a beautiful lady, creating beautiful things. I truly admire what you are doing.

    My Kindest Regards,
    Tracey at Velvetine Lily x o x

  18. Post Script: Chania - I dearly love your 'beloved Mooch'. What a beautiful soul. He is adorable. I can tell he was so special. My partner Paul, just walked past and commented about him too! We think he is gorgeous. Bless his heart. x o Tracey at Velvetine Lily at blogspot x o x

  19. What a FAB space Chania....LOVE the sideboard & salvaged window in RED...** sigh ** Next to green that's my FAVE accent colour....!!!

    Tamarah :o)

  20. I am in love with tht light...ahhh so wonderful and like you I love shell boxes they are so ugly they go full circle and become beautiful, cheers Katherine

  21. Lovely redo. You did a wonderful job.


  22. Your makeover looks fantastic Chania! Love the sideboard, and the mirror is a great touch. K xx

  23. I am falling in love - deeply - with this adorable cottage. I am enthralled with all your makeover touches.

    So much to admire in this room. That sideboard so full of character and now showcasing such sentimental finds. Great red window. Extra-long table for all those delicious dinners and conversations you're bound to have. Can't wait to see the other rooms.

  24. Way better than before, Chania. We're also looking at some cottages in Twin Cities that we might wanna buy before October this year. That chandelier looks really good in the dining area. As for our home, my wife doesn't consider me as a potential electrician who would fix the wiring for our new chandelier, though.


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