Thursday, May 6, 2010

The "Cupcake Cafe" Vanilla Cake Recipe

A long time ago, I was in New York and happened upon "The Cupcake Cafe".  This was long before Cupcakes shops sprang up all over the place.  It was a novelty.  I had the most incredible Vanilla Cupcake with Vanilla Buttercream icing.  It was heavenly. 
After that, I set about finding the perfect Vanilla Cake Recipe.
I even bought the Cupcake Cafe Cookbook.  But their recipe was way to large, and I had trouble scaling it down and getting the % and # exact.
Then one day in the Globe and Mail, I found it. The Cupcake Cafe Vanilla Cake recipe, scaled down for home use (not bakery) It was perfect. The best Vanilla Cake Ever. With the best Buttercream. Not icing...but real ....buttercream..
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It does make a huge cake. You can feed 16 people with this recipe......
I thought you may like the recipe for Mother's Day!
Cupcake Cafe Recipe reproduced by The Toronto Star

My version-for my daughters birthday


  1. This looks and sounds absolutely decadent... Thanks for shearing, dear!


  2. Mmmmm, cake!!! All the pictures look yummy enough to eat!! That's a whole lotta butter -- but butter makes everything taste better, right?? :-)

    Thanks for sharing your recipes :-)


  3. The photos in this post are just so pretty! I adore cupcakes...if I ever have them in the house they don't last long! Zero restraint... L x

  4. Our girls thank you for this recipe Chania :)!! I am not a cake eater myself but apparently I am baking this for the girls on Mothers Day:) Thanks so much for sharing the recipe. Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx

  5. What a beautiful cake. And your version turned out absolutely splendidly. It must be the beaten egg whites that make it so magnificent - I must have a go at that to uplift my pedestrian Madeira cakes.

  6. Oh - sounds good and I'm so happy for you that you found a recipe that you really wanted. I had some good luck this year in finding something that I loved as a kid - something actually from the school cafeteria. Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars! Yum! The recipe is on my blog if you want to check it out! Have a great weekend!

  7. Hi Chania, thanks for stopping by. This is my local bakery! Every birthday cake forever came from here and no one has heavier cake (I love heavy cake) or more delicious buttercream!! You have done a public service by publishing these recipes IMO. Jane

  8. It's pretty chilly were I'm at...and a slice of cake and a cup of coffee sure does sound good right about now. Your cake looks yum!

  9. Ah, Chania. Thanks for thinking of us all, and sharing your recipe! What a thoughtful gesture, unless of course, you were needing a post....LOL naw, JK. You know what though??? I am not a cake person but those pictures actually have me craving a it is true what our home ec teachers said. You have to make food look good and desireable!!!! YUMMY.

  10. Thank you for sharing this recipe!!! I have been looking for a really good vanilla cake..this one sounds delicious!!!!

    Have a beautiful Mother's Day!!!


  11. Mmmmmmm Chania, I am such a cake girl and this sounds and looks soooo good. My boys will love it too. Thanks for sharing.
    Donna xx

  12. I'm always looking for that perfect buttercream recipe. Looks like this one might be it!

    - The Tablescaper

  13. omg, it is sunday night here, and we had a huge lunch today that made me think i would never want to see another thing to eat in my life, BUT whooops, thaqt cake has done it!!

    best i go to bed before i start getting mixing bowls out - it looks divine!

    hope you have a great m-day : )

  14. Wow! These cakes are beautiful! I've got cake envy now and am going to have to try these out! Also thanks for following me Chania! Loulou May.x

  15. Chania, you are a lifesaver! I don't eat transfats and trying to find a cake recipe that doesn't include transfats is nearly impossible, but this one doesn't have any!!! Thanks so much I'm definitely going to try this recipe!

    Kat :)

  16. Awesome pictures! Thank you very much for sharing this great recipe to us. I would surely try this recipe out as my daughter's birthday is coming up. This would also go well with a hot cup of coffee made from one of my new saeco espresso machines Kudos!

  17. I like the font!!! Papyrus is my favorite. :D

  18. Is it a total of 2 or 4 cups of flour?

  19. I recently shared the original version of this recipe on Facebook. I was questioning using nine eggs in the batter:


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