Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Samantha Pynn-Pure Design

Over the past few weeks, I have been posting Canadian Designer Sarah Richardson's renovation of an Ontario farmhouse.  With it's hefty 600K budget,  it is lovely to watch, but way out of the budget of most people. While Sarah designs the Dream Home, Samantha Pynn is over at Pure Design working on a different kind of budget.   So today, I am introducing to some of you Samantha Pynn, a contributing editor at Style@Home magazine, regular decor expert on Cityline, and host of her own show Pure Design.
   The premise of the show is to use sustainable products and design, re-use, recyle, and it is mostly done on a realistic, every day budget.  In episode 1 Samantha tackles the living room of Lauren and Mike, a couple with a preference for clean, minimal decor.
This is the before.....2 mismatched sofas, Ikea table an a pretty decent fireplace.  Nice floors.  No wow factor here at all.
Before-This fireplace had nice lines, but could use some dressing up.
And at the other end.....a pretty bland window and TV set.
 And here is after.  The fireplace has been re-faced with a simple surround and boxy mantle.
 A new area rug defines the space.  Love the horizontal curtains....
A shiny new table to add sparkle.....
An old cabinet gets a coat of blue paint......
Loads of cushions....all simple and easy to make.  I really like the charcoal sofa and chairs...pieces that can be kept for years with a change in pillow to freshen once in a while.

All photos from (with permission from Samantha)


  1. This is a great make-over ..... Simple and chic. I love the blue accent the cabinet provides.

  2. Beautiful makeover! Love all the color! ~Lulu

  3. What a difference! I really like the curtains but then I am a sucker for stripes of any description.

  4. Hey Samantha's work,although sometimes she is a bit too modern for me,shes so darn cute though! All the best,Chrissy

  5. I enjoy Samantha's work, especially her drapery designs! Thanks for sharing :-)

  6. What an awesome makeover! I love the blue cabinet and the lamps!!!

  7. Big improvement. I really like the cabinet painted blue and the symmetry of the lamps beside the fireplace. I do love to watch Sarah but like you said, her budget is not realistic to very many people. This is a nice change. Thanks Chania.


  8. What a great makeover! I love the side table!
    Health and happiness,

  9. love the simplicity of her style! have a nice one!


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