Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Craigslist Woes

Shabby Chic Cabinet Pretty painted 1950's 2 piece china cabinet.Original glass doors, nicely working drawer and 2  lower cupboards. Perfect for the cottage.

I'm selling this cabinet on Craigslist and Kijiji. While I have had good luck with these 2 venues in the past, I am always amazed at the questions people ask about the items. Since Thursday last week, I've had the following enquiries.

What kind of wood is it? I can't buy it unless you know what wood it is. (It's painted wood, does it matter?)
I can't get to Oakville until March 28th, can you keep it for me. (yes if you want to pay for it now, I will keep it for you....oh you don't want to pay, but you want me to keep it)
Would it fit in my car? (I provided the dimensions, you need to measure your car)
My car is an Escort Hatchback, will that fit? (I don't know offhand the size of an Escort hatchback)
Can you deliver it to Toronto? (I can arrange delivery but you have to pay for it first)
Can I pay you when you deliver it, just so I know it's want I want first? (why would I load it in my car, drive 30KM to show it to you and risk you saying it's not what you want?)
I am looking for a dark cabinet, how much would you charge to paint it? (I'm not a furniture finisher, you paint it yourself)
We love your cabinet. Can we come and see it right now? (sure come over now) (no show)
Do the glass doors have glass? (yes, I mentioned it was a cabinet with glass doors.)
Can I buy just the top part. (I mentioned it comes apart for moving, not sold in 2 parts)
It looks pretty old. I'll give your $50. (GET STUFFED)


  1. You have to love people sometimes! I'm sure the right person will come along and they will love your beautiful cabinet as much as you do!

    Kat :)

  2. Pain in the ass people!
    "What kind of wood"? Seriously? It's "old" wood!

  3. :) this made me laugh. People are so funny...if only they would use their heads a little more!

    If I lived closer, it'd be in my home.

    Happy Spring Day!

  4. If I lived there it would be sold.

  5. I always wonder if people think before they speak, but please think before you type! So funny!

  6. That IS funny. I wish I lived closer, I love it. I wonder, do you think it would fit in my car??? ;)

  7. Priceless! This post was just priceless. To all you shabby lovin blog friends who love this stuff,this was just such a fun thing to wake up and read. I found selling other types of things on these sites people immediatly undercut me before they even saw the item.

  8. This has made my morning! Thanks Chania! good luck ;)

  9. What a great post! I have had some success with craigslist ... but one time I wanted to get rid of a humongous TV and listed it for free! The responses I got were downright scary ... lots of weird religious pronouncements, folks that said they would be right over and never arrived, a few emails that made no sense at all. I pulled the ad and had a friend take it to our local landfill (they take electronics in a special section.)

    1. I use Freecycle to get rid of stuff like that - I've never had a problem with weirdos, but I have had some no-shows.


  10. This absolutely cracked me up . . . I can't believe some people . . . I am surprised they dudn't ask you if that Ironstone dishes went with the cabinet . . .

  11. Locked up on me, correction, the Ironstone dishes instead of that . . .

  12. hahaha! seems like your cabinet drew out all the flaky people. likewise, i've had flaky Craigslist sellers who fail to respond to my e-mail asking about their item for sale until two weeks later to ask whether I'm still interested. my favorite Craigslist experience was when I had a buyer purchase several of my Craigslist items in one fell swoop, saving me from having to deal with half a dozen different buyers. good luck. the right buyer will come along, hopefully soon.

  13. Too funny and yet quite insulting some of them. I've only advertised a few things on Kijiji but never had those kinds of questions.
    Thanks for the laugh.

  14. Very funny - I have a 1993 rusted and beat up car for sale on Craigslist right now. All the issues with the car are spelled out in the ad but people are still asking 1) how many miles 2) does it have rust 3) does it run 4) what needs repaired 5) what kind of engine, etc, etc

    All of this is right in the Ad. People are so weird! I love your old wood cabinet. Do you ship for free? LOLOL......just kidding

  15. Thanks bunches Chania as I was about to list a heavy desk on Craigslist. I think I will now wait til our annual June yard sale instead. I have no patience for that although it was a funny post. The desk will just be junking up our otherwise pretty deck.

  16. We'll probably see these people on the tonight show at some point featured as "the dumbest criminal of the week". Geez, Louise! Cherry Kay

  17. I know it must be frustrating answering inane questions...but it did make me laugh Chania. People (not just men) can be sooooo stupid!

  18. "the dumbing down of America" and I guess Canada as well...
    keeps me up some nights : D

  19. ROTFALMYAO I am sorry because I know you are trying to sell the hutch but people can be so darn stupid! I would have left a few snarkier answers for some of the idiots. Good luck selling it.

  20. Oh I know your pain! It is amazing some of the questions people ask about our ads. The cabinet is lovely and hopefully you will find someone who will appreciate it soon.

  21. That's incredible - what nerve some people have.

  22. Hee heee some classic questions there Chania. Thanks for sharing.

  23. God I hate selling on Craigslist. Literally, 4 buyers in a row "I'm on my way right now" or "I'm heading out the door right now". They never show up, never call or text or anything. I've concluded that society is on average full of worthless lazy fuckers who my tax dollars were wasted on giving them more than a 5th grade education.


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