Friday, March 9, 2012

Fashion Item of The Week

Heart and round pearls set into a beautiful cast brass setting.
I have a THING for jewelry, as do most women. I particularly love large, chunky necklaces, multiple bangles and bracelets. If it jingles, rattles, shakes and clangs, it's for me. Because I tend to wear neutrals, I like a bold piece of jewelry to give my outfit some interest.

My daughter bought me this gorgeous necklace for Christmas. It is part of the Jessica Simpson line, available at department stores all over the country. And very well priced. I believe it was about $30 which is great considering, it is of substantial weight, great quality and is loaded with pearls, charms, chains and beads.

One of our travelling companions while we were on Holiday is a jewelry designer. She always enjoys seeing our baubles when we meet for dinner. She said for her to make something like this would cost hundreds of dollars. Just the cast brass pieces would cost a lot, them the jewels etc and the labor would make it a pricey piece. She can't compete with factory pieces. She did however, think it was well made and nicely designed.

I love the details on the 2 main bits, the heart shaped pearls alternating with round, the scrolled edges and the smaller piece with the rhinestones and pearl. Charming in more ways than one.


  1. Very nice :) Ut would be great to see a pic of you wearing it to see how it hangs. Have a relaxing weekend.

  2. I think I might have confused you with Elegance Maison - if so, I'll recompense. It will take a week or two of research, though.

  3. So pretty - that's my favourite kind of jewellery - chunky necklaces and bracelets :)

  4. A beautiful necklace and what sounds like a bargain price. Your pictures did it justice! Ann

  5. I think the next photo should be with you modeling the new necklace :)
    I like it .. (I see someone is still confused and annoying)

  6. I love it. But then I love anything with hearts!

  7. That's from the Jessica Simpson line? Didn't know she dabbled in jewels too. It's a very pretty piece. Love it.


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