Tuesday, March 13, 2012

For The Filthy Rich

The UK Company Heyland and Whittle claim they are Purveyors of Fine Soaps to the Gentry and the Filthy Rich. Check them out HERE. So, for my Well Born and Well Bred friends, I like to gift their lovely soaps, especially when I find them in these adorable gift boxes, and at half their listed price at my local Home Sense. I usually pick up several if I see them and hoard them in my gift cupboard until the perfect occasion and/or friend arises.

Given that my girls are fresh on the cusp of a Royal encounter with Prince Harry in Nassau READ ABOUT THAT HERE, and it is the Queen's Jubilee this year, not to mention the Olympics in Britain, I'm most attracted to Things Of The Flag lately..(yes, it is still my flag). I love this box of fragrant assorted soaps in their Hope and Glory Line. 

I also picked up some Six Packs with delightfully Royal names such as Sweet William, Britania and Hope and Glory and Jubilee. God Save The Queen.

I posed them with my stag horns, just so they could feel the connection to the British Countryside from whence they came...OK so that's a load of Codswallop. I LOVE THAT WORD. My Granny and Granddad used that word. If you haven't heard of Codswallop, you can read about this delightful word HERE. Then you should start using it. Especially if you're from Texas. It would sound great with a Texas accent.

I rather enjoyed playing around with photographic options. I feel they are quite photogenic. Now which of my FILTHY Rich and Gentrified Friends shall I gift these too?. 


  1. I'd be gobsmacked if you sent me some! ;)

    1. THAT is another of my favourite words.....

  2. Bloody hell! Why can't I live closer and be one of your filthy rich and gentrified friends? ; )

  3. Well I am filthy rich and quite gentrified, if I do say so myself, oh...and before I forget, I'm also a super model! #codswallop By George I think I've go it! ;-)

    Love the soaps and hope your friends appreciate them!

    Kat :)

  4. It's your photos that make me want to buy these bars.

  5. I loooove wonderful soaps too. I had not heard of these, but will look for them. You have lucky friends to get such a great gift!

  6. Oh well, I'm sure I could behave all filthy rich and all in order to score some. ;-)
    And of course I have an English husband if that scores any more points.

  7. Your photos are fantastic Chania, I agree with you the soap is very photogenic ;-)
    Your friends are very lucky, I have a thing for lovely soap it is one of life's little luxuries.

  8. not gentrified and not even respectfully poor, so I guess I'm out... :D
    wopperjarred is a personal favorite od mine

    but the all time phrase favorite of mine is .....well smack my ass and call me Judy...


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