Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Urban Farm

Handsome red eyed rooster.
Girl child and I headed to our local Provincial Park last Sunday to walk a bit and visit with the farm animals. I was shocked that it was $16.00 a car to get in. While there are acres of picnic and hiking lands, and a barn with a few animals, it is additional $ to camp and swim. I think $16.00 excludes a lot of families that would otherwise enjoy a lovely day in the country. 

We had a lovely walkabout and enjoyed the vivid colors that the sunny Spring day helped us capture.

Excuse us, we didn't know you were laying an egg at that moment.....
"get lost"
look at those head feathers
There is a random egg at the back of the box although he/she was not sitting on it.
These guys would not be still enough for a photo....you all know I love motion photo's
Afternoon Ladies
Soaking up shunshine
I think these are bluebells.
Sparrows on the old barn shutters.

On Wednesday, I am heading to a new farm about 40 minutes away to scout them as a new source of fresh eggs, veg and meat for our family.


  1. I love the "get lost" photo!!!!

    I'm glad you paid up and got to hang out with the farm animals for the afternoon! :) Hope your new farm works out...

  2. Our provincial parks are pricey too. Terrible, really. Let us know how you make out with your farm.

  3. We have a friend who lives up the street who raises chickens. My kids love to go up there and hang out with them. I hope one day to raise chickens myself.
    Fun photos!

  4. Chania your photos are beautiful. What a lovely place to spend an afternoon!


  5. My sister-in-law really, really wants to raise chickens. Your pictures help me understand why!


  6. They are sure good looking chickens. My nephew raises chickens and our oldest son (15 this week) raises rabbits and is dying to get chickens. No way im our subdivision so he will have to wait. I agree about the high car passes. My friend always buys her young married children with kids season passes (about $150) so they can go in unlimited for a year without worrying about entry fees. She says they always appreciate that Christmas gift.

  7. Beautiful. Joe used to raise chickens. We have an old coop at the old house.

  8. Ahhhh, BIRD FREEDOM . . . let's try it . . .

  9. GRRRREAT shots girlfriend! Really lovely.


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