Friday, March 2, 2012

Staying Out of Trouble

Greetings to all. I am away on my annual girls trip with the 3 mums and 5 daughters, although this year one darling daughter couldn't make it and so we have a "filler" in her place. We opted for a couple's resort, because we find them quieter and it keeps us all out of trouble. Which I thought I had been doing until I read a favorite blog of mine and discovered there had been a big misunderstanding. Apparently due to a co-incidental conversation about Google ads and the subsequent bombardment of this persons blog with ads for Google, someone thought I was using a fake blog name to launch unwanted ads on the comment section. A warning was issued and  I may have been reported to Google before the misunderstanding was realized.  Anyway if you deleted my blog or stopped following, please be assured it was not me. I am on an island with limited Internet (non existent until today) with only my favourite girls and a giraffe from Kansas.

Girl Child is acting as my press person with regards to this event and wishes to make no comment at this time.


  1. Well, I certainly never heard anything about it so I'm still following. I would anyway. I would never believe you'd do anything like that!

  2. I love the last bit. I never saw anything going on blog wise either.

  3. oh dear..I am confused but hope it is all resolved..
    enjoy... <3

  4. I am now back and following (if you'll have me), and I issue an unconditional apology about the confusion - the real culprit (with the fake names and all) has been abandoned, and all this turns out to be an extremely unusual coincidence to do with subject matter.

    Keep following Raz!

  5. Love that last pic. Have a great time you lucky thing you!

  6. I know nothing and I feel nothing except jealousy as I type this on a cold and rainy morning.:-)

    have fun.

    xo Jane

  7. Hmmm. I'm not sure I understand but I'm glad it's all resolved. Have fun in the sun!


  8. I too am confused but am happy it is all resolved :)
    Looks lovely & I especially enjoy K's bf :P

    HAVE FUN!!!

  9. Glad it has all been resolved. Have a delightful time and a mojito for me!


  10. I knew you were trouble, Chania. ;) Yikes, that was bad. It's all cleared up now, isn't it? Hope so. Have a fun and relaxing weekend!

  11. Tell Tom to take a hike. He did not apologize where he SHOULD have, on HIS BLOG! I wanted to email him but the chicken++++ does not have profile...MAN UP Tom... It wasn't just confusion TOM. You attacked an imaginary enemy with no proof....rallied the troops to begin an offense against her, and then apologized where your followers may or may not see... If you have apologized on your blog since I read it 30 minutes ago, then good job! Thank heaven you don't work with nuclear weapons.....
    and Chania, you showed great class.

    now about the

  12. Don't know anything about the blogger stuff, but I do know a great get-away when I see one. Have fun! Ann

  13. Sounds like a wonderful trip - have a great time!

  14. I have been pleasantly clueless to what transpired, I am sorry that anyone would jump to conclusions and worse, say unkind things publicly .. you do not deserve anything like that .. Actually , most bloggers don't deserve that and a gentleman/lady would not have behaved that way.

    Now back to this thing called relaxing .. I believe I do that most of the time but somehow, it seems to be more fun when there are drinks and an ocean nearby .. Enjoy the time with the girls, besitos, C


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