Monday, March 19, 2012

Dirty Jobs - Easter Egg Tasting

With Easter fast approaching with all of it's baking, duck roasting, ham glazing and egg hunting efforts looming on the horizon, I thought I would help out my faithful readers by sorting through the barrage of chocolate mini eggs on the market. Hence, this un-scientific, not blind and not very random taste testing.

I decided to enlist the Raz Man, Girl child, and of course myself in determining not only the best tasting egg, but the prettiest and the best value for money. 

I picked three brands. Hershey Eggies. Cadbury Mini Eggs. President's Choice Brand (Not Obama...a large supermarket chain brand)

Hershey Eggies...yellow dominant
First up. Hersheys Eggies. $5.99 per 400g. The candy shell was nice and crisp, thicker than the other two and the chocolate heavy and dense. Good overall taste. They lost votes on the overall appearance..not as attractive as the other brands and far too many yellows and hardly any pink or blue. I'm not one for baby talk so the name "Eggies" bugged me a bit. 

Cadbury Mini Eggs..Bright and without speckles

Next up was the Cadbury Mini Egg. $6.99 per 400g.  A long time favourite of my family's, this egg has undergone some changes in the past few years. First they changed the colors, from gentle pastels to bright pastels, and then they removed the speckles. Not so "egg like" any more. I wonder if they changed the colours in the UK too.  My online research shows them to be pale and speckled on the UK package.? A thin crisp shell and a smooth, creamy chocolate center. But they are the priciest at almost $7.00 a bag. I much preferred the Cadbury mini egg in it's pale version. Cadbury...quit messing with the eggs!

President's Choice..the cheapest

The last batch of delights were the President's Choice Brand. At $3.99 for 400g, they are a whopping $3.00 cheaper than the Cadbury and $2.00 less than Hershey. These eggs were right in the middle of the Hershey and Cadbury. More creamy than Hershey, not quite and melt in your mouth as Cadbury. Where these babies scored points is appearance. Better shape, better size, nicer colours, and above all in my opinion....they had SPECKLES.

Top Left: President's Choice Top Right: Cabury Mini Eggs. Bottom: Hershey Eggies

Cadbury-Most expensive, poor colors, good flavour, lacking speckles
Hershey-Middle priced, not enough variation in colours. lacking speckles
President's Choice-Far cheaper, good flavour, prettiest, Speckles.

And the Winner is President's Choice.

All photos were taken with Rachel Ashwell's new book "Shabby Chic Inspirations" to provide color and beauty to the background...a super book and must read for lovers of the Shabby Chic look..


  1. LOL! Well now I am so glad you took that chore out of my hands! Too bad they don't sell the President's Choice here. :(~Ames

  2. Yummy! We like the Cadbury ones in this house but I'd be willing to try the PC ones as well.
    (Been hunkered down making chocolate eggs and bunnies to fill orders for over a week now. I'm all chocolated out!)

  3. Oh gosh, I'm such a brand loyalist. I love the Cadbury ones but I'm willing to try the President's brand but only for the looks mind you. It's all about the looks. Aren't we (I) superficial???

  4. Nice work if you can get it! Ha :)
    I agree, the speckles ate important. I really must do some of my own research :)

  5. For me, Cadbury hands down...but really can there be a BAD chocolate egg? lol not to me and I have the hips to prove it!!!

  6. Well done Chania and someone had to do this.

  7. This was fun and I am excited to try President's Choice!

  8. yes, a tough job! glad you could suffer through this taste test. ha all time fave is "robin eggs" by "whoppers" cuz i just love malted milk balls mmmmm....

  9. i forgot to say, that i love rachel's new book and i am very inspired by the artist laurence amelie!!

  10. I like the speckles and pastel colors better too! And dang it, the one you chose is one we probably can't get in the States...oh well, my waistline will thank me for that!

    I love the pictures!

    Kat :)

  11. Thank you for doing the dirty work for us! I try hard not to buy candy very often, and it's rotten when you grab a bag of candy and... it's terrible. Now I know what to get!


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