Friday, December 14, 2012

Marmalade-It's a colour

I feel a bit like a kid on Christmas morning. Tonight Boy Child and Daughter in law arrive for the weekend. When we get home from our party tonight they should be just arriving. I haven't seen them much in the past few months because they have been travelling back and forth to New Jersey where they are needed. And because its been a while, I haven't had a chance to really see that beautiful baby bump (she was barely showing last time I saw her). I am so excited to put my hands on that belly and feel bubbie kicking. I always make marmalade for her grandmother so I need to get myself organized for making a batch this afternoon. These are photos from my last year's batch.

Do you not just love the colour of Marmalade. This gorgeous model looks fabulous with her marmalade hair and makeup. And my Girl Child did the makeup for this shoot! She is a very talented makeup artist who works for some very talented women who own the studio. They raised over $2000.00 for men's cancer for Movember and on Monday they are all donating and entire day to the women of a battered women's shelter. 15 women will arrive at the studio to have their hair cut, coloured and styled, a pretty makeup and lesson, plus a catered lunch from a nearby restaurant and leave with some hair and makeup products. Although they have so much more to worry about, we all know that a nice hairdo can make you feel 100% better.

On Sunday we are springing Sweet Mama from the nursing home for a family dinner here. I've missed her. She's been quarantined at the home due to a virus. I found this photo of us from 2 years ago at Christmas. She does like a good chuckle. Notice how I make this photo small. I hate photos of myself. Especially since I was at a wedding this summer standing next to another 50 something woman and I was asked if I was her mother!  I've been harshly examining my wrinkles ever since.

Me and Sweet Mama

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. I hope you get to feel baby kick... he/she has been very stubborn these past few days when performing for people other than mommy and daddy... maybe he/she is shy! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  2. Hello Chania,
    Wow to girl child! What talent - just like her mum! Love marmalade and its hue! ... and you look fabulous BTW!! Have a wonderful time this weekend with your family, the bump and your sweet mother!

  3. Marmalade is big in this house every morning. These look wonderful all wrapped up. Now to your daughter's talent! Yes, she is talented alright! I have a sister who is also a make-up artist and her claim to fame was to be 'on hand' for Paul McCartney when he was performing here in Halifax a couple years ago.....she was overwhelmed with excitement.

    You do look great by the way and I bet it was a kick to be confused as someone your ages mother! I was asked once a few years ago by a store manager how my son was making out was Ron! who is 1.5 years younger than me! Ouchy! lol

  4. Your daughter is indeed a talented make-up artist, with a heart to match. How wonderful that they will host some women who could stand some pampering. And yes, everyone ALWAYS feels better after have their hair done! Enjoy every moment of your weekend. Baby bump, son, DIL and your mother all at once will be wonderful. You look wonderful and PFFFFT to anyone who asks such questions without knowing. Ann

  5. The marmalade looks lovely. Those eyelashes on that model scare the heck out of me!

  6. Have a wonderful weekend with your family, Chania.

  7. I hope by the time you read my comment you have placed your hands around bubbie and he has kicked and tickled you right over the moon and back! Gotta love that "sweet mamma" face and that "new granny to be" face is as charming as can be!

  8. Look at your wrinkles with love - they are a physical expression of a life well lived, a heart that has loved, felt pain, been broken and healed, of smiles and laughter and of experience beyond the mere 50 years you have lived.
    Celebrate them! Love them and appreciate what they say about who you are.
    And enjoy your visit with your son and daughter-in-law (and the soon to be born baby!)
    Lots of love to you!


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