Thursday, December 27, 2012

Packing up

This light at the Red Eye Cafe came from a New York City subway

I believe that's a cookie with a melted marshmallow on top...kinda like a smores cookie.

This Christmas was an odd ball for us. We have had every Christmas except one in our home town celebrating with family that live close, and neighbors and friends. This year we changed it up and landed in New Jersey staying at my brothers home. Boy Child's in laws are all in New Jersey while a family member receives medical treatment. They have a rental flat, but a traditional Christmas dinner for a crowd was not in the cards for their family this year, so we hijacked my brother's kitchen and hosted part of the family here. DIL and her family have certainly put their best foot forward and made the best of it all. We've tried to make things festive for them and offer them moral support. They've all done remarkably well getting through this past few months. 

We've had great visits with nephews and in laws, Girl and Boy Child get to hang out for a while, and we've met new people to celebrate with. We've been able to pat the pregnant belly and debate the best baby names. We've been trying out new cafe's and perusing the local shops, late night chatter and lots of laughter. We head home later today with happy memories and look forward to future gatherings of these 3 families.


  1. Christmas in the NYC area would be a hit with me. Sorry the circumstances couldn't be happier though.

  2. oh i'm all for untraditional holidays. in fact i lOVE them.

    love your photos and couldn't help but laugh at the waxing salon name. so cute. amongst us estheticians we refer to brazilians as waxing cupcakes, so i guess i find this sort of thing amusing.

    btw, i've been trying to email you some pics but your email address keeps failing. can you send me a quick email? thanks. xo

  3. with you at the helm, I knew you could steer the boat to happy waters..<3
    hilarious wax name

  4. Nice that you could bring some cheer to these family members, Chania. Get ready for the snow!!

  5. Safe travels . . . thanks for the "Kittys" smiles . . .

  6. Speaking of pregnant bellies ... I will finally get to pat one when we get back to the US :D
    I am glad that your holidays were good, even when there is a sad event, or stress, there really is no place like home and that means the people you love, not just the location.
    Wishing the best for your family and as always for you :)

  7. Hello Chania,
    Not all you may wish for but you made the best of all you could, which must have made it a bit easier for everyone. Hope you nephew was doing OK too?


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