Thursday, December 6, 2012

MARTHA to my rescue.....

Not only do I run my own business as a Decorator and have an online shop to manage, I do the Accounts Payable, Receivables and Payroll for the Raz Man's business. I manage my Sweet Mama's affairs, a rental property, a vacation home (ok, so no points for that one) and our own home. Multi tasking is something I am good at. I can keep various design projects running smoothly, the bank accounts sorted and most people happy most of the time.

BUT...when it comes to my office, I am a complete disaster. My lack of organization is a disaster. Perhaps because I work alone from home most of the time, I let thing s slip because no one sees my office. Lately I've been starting work later in the morning and becoming increasingly frustrated about the state of my desk and the constant rummaging around to find printer cartridges, staples, the paint chip I need for a project, stamps and even my check book.

A couple of weeks ago the folks at Staples Canada contacted me to see if I would be interested in receiving a gift basket of goodies featuring Staples’ Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery I actually thought someone had secretly submitted a photo of my Wild and Wooley office to some kind of Office Makeover/Disaster Contest. My basket arrived the other day and I am completely inspired by the simple white organizers and the pretty organizing accessories. I was thinking that this line would make a fabulous and practical gift for a co-worker or friend, all tied up with pretty ribbons and an ornament. 

Later today I am going to give my work space an overhaul, putting my lovely Martha Home Office  to use. Below are some photos of the ugliness that is my office.
Stay tuned for the Makeover Reveal.

Window ledge clutter

Ugly plastic file holder from 20 years ago

Boxes to hold check books, old jars to hold pens etc...looks like a thrift shop.



  1. I just finished cleaning up my office yesterday. What a disaster! I wish Staples had my number! Haha!
    I'm the same as you, looking after my own business, Peter's business, the household stuff...
    Thank goodness I have an "upstairs" office where I see my clients and the mess is in the "downstairs" office!

  2. That is lovely Chania. Your office is not that messy.

  3. Phew ... I am happy I am not the only one at times that have "spots" like these. I am working on them slowly but surely, with lack of energy having won out more days then naught. Nice to have the inspiration "carrot" under one's nose :)

  4. Hi Chania,
    Look forwards to the reveal! Products look good. Oh, to be tidy... hopefully you will inspire me tidy my office up too! - rest of the house fine but why does the office always suffer...

  5. I'm You.. Miss Organized with an office like that hahahah. It'll be grand when you're done. We all have that one spot..right now mine is the backyard. Oy vey! It's bad....I called in some long overdue chips from a friend to help me out there this weekend...

    I love that staples MS line but I canot justify buying what I do not need.. :( My office is complete....I still miss her catalogue. I have soooo many items from back then..

  6. That is exactly how I am feeling about my sewing spot. You are inspiring me.

  7. You have me inspired . . . I look forward to the reveal . . .

  8. I love the colors also !
    I have become more "anal" about being neat as I get older .. so not because I am a neat person but mostly because I am a bit crazy about some things, my desk is always neat and barely has anything on it. Of course, we don't do much in the way of paperwork chores, every single thing is done online or in person here so there is little paperwork/filing to do.
    But now I want a desk/office just like yours :)
    I will take that Tiffany blue too.

  9. But we like thrift shops! How nice to receive this offer and I think the colors are beautiful - and very "you". (Dare I say the blue reminded me of your pool?) I look forward to the makeover, but really like you just as you are. Because my office totally looks like a disaster. Ann

  10. I was just at Staples and was admiring all the Martha stuff - and even bought a few things. What a nice package to receive. It's so hard to organize and maintain an organized office, so good luck.

  11. Wow, that is like a dream come true. Have fun with the makeover!

  12. Your previous post inspired me to quit piddling around and get my sewing nook organized. Thank you. I think your project turned out grand. Feels good to have things in their place.

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