Monday, December 10, 2012

Martha Stewart Home Office Supplies

My Favorite thing is the Accordian File that fits easily in my bag. Perfect for paint chips and fabric samples to carry around with me. I can label each pocket for each client.

I am old fashioned. I like the "written note". I like to see my list at a glance and check off what I have done.

File folders, paint decks and odd bits all fit neatly into the desk organizer.

Every decorator has a 1000 magazines. I like to store them according to year. This simple Shagreen Magazine File is perfect to store my magazines.

The Small Shagreen and long Shagreen Boxes hold rubber stamps, IPhone charges, jars of BITS.

Love the white accessories. They brighten my area and are simple and stylish.

Stackable Shelf to hold samples.

Waterproof and elasticated Etasticnote Tags. Perfect for labellng Electronic items such as these banking Security Keys that I have several of.

Chalkboard Labels and White Chalk would be a perfect gift for a teacher

Wrap these in a linen Tea Towel and tie with pretty ribbon to make a simple and useful gift

Gift for office friend or teacher.

I have finally finished my desk re-organisation thanks to the team at Staples Canada who sent me a fabulous assortment of supplies from the new Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery line of products. I'm not one to do blog posts on products I have received for free, but since I genuinely use Staples Canada all the time, I decided I would accept their kind offer and try out the new Martha Stewart line. Everything can be ordered online for next day delivery (free over a certain $ amount), so you busy folk don't have to leave the office.

I was sent several desk organizers, a magazine file, chalkboard labels with white chalk (sharpened no less), a filing drawer unit (perfect for the dozen check books I have for all the business accounts, Stack and Fit inbox, a pencil holder and stackable boxes for rubber stamps, keys, pencils, etc, all of which I really like because it all fits together inside of each other. 

All of the pieces I was sent are in the white Shagreen finish, a lovely faux reptile print that goes with any decor. By far my favorite item was the Accordain File that will fits easily into my purse. It has 8 sections that can be labelled and I will use it to hold samples for each of my clients. That way I can always have their paint chips and fabric swatches on hand and keep them organized.  If you are like me and have hundreds of magazines, the Magazine File is perfect. Neutral and simple to fit with any home or office. They easily hold a full year of magazines and I plan to buy more to sort out my messy bookcases.

As I was playing around with my gifts, I was thinking that this whole line of Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery would make great presents for office mates and teachers, or anyone who would appreciate some great products to help get organised. I loved the Chalkboard could do so much with these such as labels for lockers, coat pegs, cubbies, large jars. Kids will love them. I thought they would make a perfect gift wrapped in a linen tea towel (no waste) and a lovley ribbon.

Thank so so much to Staples Canada for allowing me to sample this fabulous line of products. My desk is much calmer and prettier now.


  1. Hello Chania,
    Great use of product, very elegant also! Magazine files are a really good idea especially for skinny food magazines that don't stand-up at all.

  2. They look great! I can picture them on my desk...

  3. Love the colours and love your new desk "look", Ms Chania Stewart of December 2012 !

  4. I absolutely ADORE that HARE cup
    its lovely
    I so want one!

  5. I think even I would be organized with this stuff! Every time I hear the phone ring I'm afraid its the TV show "Hoarders"

  6. It looks great, Chania. I too was going to say something about the bunny cup! Which I know Martha had nothing to do with. Everything looks so nice and organized (the point of it all) and I do like those tags on your bank keys (whatever they are - I have NO idea!), I could see those being quite useful. The accordian organizer looks like it could serve many peoples' purposes and the fact that it fits in your purse is a bonus. Great job showing the products in their best light! Ann

  7. Never mind the organizing stuff Chania...where did the gorgeous linen tea towel come from???

  8. I new it would look great and I spy my favorite woven art piece of yours in there too. :D

  9. Excellent post . . . for those in work much like you, but also for each of us who have a space that holds our decorating books, magazines, dreams, our colors and designs. I liked the magazine files and the tea towel, sharpened chalk idea for a teacher/friend.

    Your office space looks very nice . . . the bunny cup, my favourite!

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