Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Craft

No, the baby isn't here yet. It's OVERDUE. LATE.....come on baby..... I am getting more excited by the day waiting. The baby scale is something I dug our from my Vintage Shop days. It's still very accurate and I am using it to weigh my cat. HannahKat has gone from 9.5 lbs to 7.2 lbs and despite a clean bill of health form the vet, she has warned me that any more weight loss will mean further testing which really means a TON of money. Just like everyone else these days, I taken her off carbs. She's on a grain free dry food and supplemented with fresh ground turkey which I fry up and which makes me gag. Does anyone else have an old cat that needs special food? Canned food does not agree with her. If you have any suggestions I would most appreciate them.

If you are looking for a little Easter craft for a child or bags for Easter chocolate eggs, these are really simple to make. I bought plain white bags from Michael's and stamped them with a bunny stamp. A pom pom tail and a glittered ear finish it off. I also changed the string closure to a pink or blue ribbon. (tie one end of the string to a new piece of ribbon and pull the other end until the ribbon is all the way through the bag, then remove the string). Ready to fill with chocolate eggs or your gold coins. 


  1. That is one perfect Baby Scale. Adorable! (even more so with baby ini t!)

    The Easter bags are very sweet . . . I wish I had little ones around. I could make up bags for table favors though . . . hmmmm . . .

    Sorry to hear about your cat . . . animal worries are not fun! I will ask around for suggestions.

  2. Hello Chania,

    What an amazing set of scales! Hope baby comes soon, today's a good day to be born!
    Sorry about your cat, I had to cook for my dogs when they got old and boiled up chickens and froze them in little portions, so made it easier. Easter bags are adorable!


  3. That baby scale is so cute! Oh waiting for baby is so hard! Hoping its soon!

  4. When my first child was "running late", one of the nurses told me to take a drive out of town at least 2 hours away... She said that way I would be sure to go into labor and have to rush back???? You hear everything...Spicy food, sex.... it didn't little 10lb 3oz offspring never did start labor, even after 9 hours of labor inducing meds....they had to go in and get him out via c-section. I think some wee ones are just hesitant to leave the "nest" and some 20 somethings too! lol
    Hang in there..keep crafting...and poor kitty, I'm sure you are doing everything right to help her<3

  5. Tic toc.....the wait must be keeping you on your toes! Yes, I agree with everyone else, these bags are wonderful. You make it look so easy. Have a good evening Chania.

  6. I love that scale Chania! We have a 13 year old female feline. She was losing weight before moving to CA, but for some reason she has gained and seems to have entered her 7th life. I feed her IAMS indoor/hairball variety and she gets wet food (Fancy Feast) too keep her skin oiled. I've had cats all my life and they are always invarious stages of health. My dad swore by Sardines for the cats once a week. I haven't done that with my current puss, but my daughter fed them to her kitty when she was having some digestive issues. The lysineis very good for the skin and intestines. Good fingers crossed that baby comes this weekend! Ann

  7. I love the last picture , with the scale one... it looks nice hope it has good performances... if you like pls visit my blog also...


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