Thursday, March 21, 2013

Form vs. Function

Always a pile of reading material. An old stump works well as a table.

   In our neighborhood there are several houses that the same style as mine. The master bedroom had a powder room and a walk in closet. Some people have removed half the closet and expanded the bathroom, others have bumped the bathroom out into the bedroom a little to make room for a shower. My neighbors recently toured all the variations on the street and liked mine the best. And then they hired me to make it happen at their house. I must ask if I can take photos of theirs to show you. They opted for one large shower stall instead of the bath. 

I decided to remove the closet altogether and use the entire space as one large bathroom. Where there were once 2 doors, I closed them off and made a door in the center of the room. New closets were added to either side of the new bathroom pocket door. The was perfectly centered on the far wall making the site line very symmetrical, further balanced by the 2 wall fixtures. The tub with a Cararra marble subway tile surround has a shower curtain hoop hung from the ceiling. It's a great room for a bath, but I must admit the shower is very impractical. The curtains cling to your wet legs and you have to sneak your arms out of the curtain to get the shampoo on the ledge. 

Sometimes form wins over function.


  1. I do love your bathroom. My husband feels the way you do about the shower however. Oh well.

  2. Ohhhhhhhh, lovely! I must pin this!

  3. Love the bathroom . . . sorry about the curtain, it looks devine!
    (I like this font!) ???

  4. Your bathroom is beautiful. We hope to do our ensuite some time in the future (hopefully near future). We will have a fairly big space to work with and will be able to put in a separate shower and bathtub.
    We might need to hire you to help with the design side.


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